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Akali's Build Guide, Overview, and other guides for Wild Rift

Overview of Akali in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)
Overview of Akali in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)
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Modified 29 Dec 2020, 00:18 IST

Akali is as a mid lane assassin in League of Legends. She can inflict massive bursts of mixed damage on enemies with high mobility in Riot Games' handheld MOBA title, Wild Rift.

Here's a detailed guide and overview of Akali as a mid lane assassin.

Akali in Wild Rift

Like most champions in Wild Rift; Akali has one passive ability, three basic abilities, and one ultimate ability.

Akali's abilities in Wild Rift

#1. - Assassin Mark (passive ability)

Akali's Assassin Mark ability in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

Akali's passive ability allows her to reveal a ring for four seconds after dealing ability damage to an enemy champion. Moving towards the ring grants Akali with a bonus of 40% movement speed.

After crossing the ring, Akali's basic attack is empowered with 100 additional range, 40+60% of attack damage, and 50% of ability power as magic damage.

Akali also gains a 50% increase in movement speed for two seconds if she moves towards an enemy champion after crossing the ring.

#2. - First Point Strike (basic ability)

Akali's First Point Strike ability in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

This allows Akali to throw five kunai, which deal 25+65% of additional damage and 60% of ability power as magic damage. Enemy champions that are struck by the kunai at maximum range will slow down by 50% for 0.5 seconds.


#3. - Twilight Shroud (basic ability)

Akali's Twilight Shroud ability in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

This allows to Akali create a smoke cloud that expands over the duration of her ability. It also restores energy while she is invisible under the shroud.

It grants an additional 25% movement speed when she's inside a cloud of smoke.

#4. - Shuriken Flip (basic ability)

Akali's Shuriken Flip ability in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

This ability flips behind and tosses a shuriken towards an enemy champion. The shuriken inflicts 40+35% of additional damage, and 50% of ability power as magic damage.

Recasting the ability within three seconds will allow Akali to dash the target and deal the same amount of damage as the shuriken.

#5. - Perfect Execution (ultimate ability)

Akali's Perfect Execution ability in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

Perfect Execution can be cast twice to deal with bursts of physical and magical damage to an enemy champion. This ability allows Akali to deal a massive burst of 85+50% of additional damage.

Her ultimate ability can be cast again after 2.5 seconds, dealing 85+50% of ability power as magic damage. The damage of perfect execution scales according to the health of the enemy. Enemies below 35% health can take up to 300% of basic damage.

Players are advised to upgrade First Point Strike before the other abilities because it inflicts more damage in a match's early stages. Shuriken Flip is ideal when the player wants to play aggressively.

There will be situations when a player will find Twilight Shroud to be of more value. Players are advised to trust their instincts in such scenarios.

Overview of Akali

Being a mid lane assassin, Akali needs to deal massive bursts of damage. The ideal item build for Akali is:

  • Hextech gunblade
  • Gluttonous greaves
  • Infinity orb
  • Morellonomicon
  • Rabadon's deathcap
  • Void staff

Players can also opt for items such as Spirit Visage or Liandry's Torment if the situation calls for it.

Akali in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)
Akali in Wild Rift (Image via Riot Games)

She shouldn't engage in any early game duels before getting an important item. Akali also needs a few levels on the champion before starting to dish out damage with high mobility.

During the mid-game, she will likely be stronger after farming a few items. If Akali finds herself lost during the landing phase, move around the map to catch an unsuspecting enemy should help the champion catch back up.

Akali is her most formidable self during the late game. Akali's central role in team fights is to spot the backline's supports and kill them quickly.

With a few items under her belt, Akali can make any support champion disappear from the map in a matter of moments. Given how essential supports are in a team fight, this can be extremely lethal.

Akali's Wild Rift abilities can be further enhanced when combined with the flash or ignite summoner spells. Some of the runes that benefit Akali are:

  • Electrocute
  • Brutal
  • Hunter titan
  • Hunter genius

Since she's one of the swiftest champions in Wild Rift, it might take players some practise to perfect their skills with Akali.

Published 29 Dec 2020, 00:17 IST
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