"All they're doing is f***ing w***ing": Twitch streamer “Sweet Anita” wants to quit streaming over viewers "selling her body without consent"

Sweet Anita recently went on a rant against viewers who "force suggestive content out of her streams."
Sweet Anita recently went on a rant against viewers who "force suggestive content out of her streams."
Rishabh B.

Twitch streamer “Sweet Anita” went on a lengthy rant during a recent live stream after accusing viewers of “selling her body without her consent.”

Sweet Anita spoke at length about the trend of viewers sexualizing female streamers. She said that people tend to “force” suggestive content out of her by stealing her clips and screenshotting her streams.

Sweet Anita claimed that she tends to put her “heart, soul and time” into live streaming. However, she suggested that she will stop streaming permanently if her viewers are merely “w***ing” all the time.


Sweet Anita threatens to quit streaming after claiming viewers are “selling her body without her consent”

During a recent live stream, Sweet Anita seemed visibly distressed. In recent months, she has spoken about viewers who attempt to sexualize her streams by “screenshotting” her VODs. She explained that she does not want to attract viewers by showing off her body, but has not been able to stop others from sexualizing her clips.

“I don’t feel good I don’t feel any sexual feeling when people observe me that way. It’s not something I reciprocate. If I did reciprocate it, I would do it, but I don’t want to. No matter how much I express it people are always pressuring me to produce it.”

However, Sweet Anita claimed that she does not have a choice in the matter. Quite a few of her viewers are always on the lookout for any type of “suggestive content.” The streamer has tried to stop them, but to no avail.

“And if I don’t, other people will force that content out of me by stealing clips of my channel. Like I would turn clips off for some streams as I know that’s what people will try to do, so they would download my VOD and screencap it, specifically to be able to do it anyway.”

Sweet Anita claimed that she puts in a lot of effort for her streams, and suggested that she is planning to quit streaming altogether.

“Having watched it all the way through, seeing that I am scared of that happening and seeing that I have spoken about how I don’t want it to happen, they still sell my body without my consent. And honestly it upsets me but it makes me just not want to be here anymore, because if I am putting my heart and soul and time into doing this. If I am having 36-hour workdays sometimes just to be able to stream, and then I put in all this work for trying to contribute and make people happy and laugh and engage people, and all they’re doing is f***ing w***ing. I don’t know why I am here anymore.”

Despite her successful career, Sweet Anita has had problematic experiences as well. Around July 2020, the streamer had been stalked by a man who had even attacked her, and knew where she lived.

Sweet Anita told authorities it took months for the perpetrator to be arrested. She had posted multiple tweets and videos about the situation and had pleaded with the internet to help her. To get more information about the matter, the following video can be watched.


Female streamers have often complained that their viewers tend to “sexualize” their streams. In some cases the female streamer in question might not have an issue with such a phenomenon, but Sweet Anita does. The Twitch streamer suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, a nervous system disorder that results in uncontrollable “ticks” that might feature swears and random repetitive sounds.

In the past, Sweet Anita claimed that she does not mind people laughing at her tics, and understands that they are sometimes incredibly funny.


Anita is recognized as one of the most-entertaining female streamers around and currently has 1.7 million followers on Twitch.

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