All major leaks and rumors for Summer Game Fest 2024

Summer Game Fest 2024 leaks
What games are expected to be revealed during the Summer Game Fest 2024? (Image via The Game Awards)

The Summer Game Fest 2024 is all set to launch tomorrow, June 7, 2024. The highly anticipated event brings with it multiple video game announcements and is widely considered as a drop-in replacement for the now defunct E3 Expo presentation. 2024 has been a great year for gaming, and SGF 2024’s announcements should further add to the hype.

A list of all known major leaks and rumors for the Summer Game Fest 2024 can be found condensed below, in no particular order.

Note: This list is based on leaks. As such, readers are recommended to take the information presented below with a pinch of salt. Additionally, this article is subjective and based on the author’s opinions.

Expected announcements for the Summer Game Fest 2024


Taking into account multiple rumors and certain educated guesses (based on the SGF 2024 trailer released on the event's official YouTube channel), we can make a list of announcements expected to take place during the event:

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 6: The upcoming mainline entry in the Call of Duty Black Ops franchise, Black Ops 6 is set to offer a solid CoD campaign in years, with development being spearheaded by none other than Treyarch. The title is also expected to make an appearance during the Xbox segment - largely thanks to its confirmed day one release for Xbox Game Pass.
  • Metaphor ReFantazio and other Persona spinoffs: Atlus’s focus for the Summer Game Fest 2024 is very likely to be on Metaphor: ReFantazio. Information surrounding the title’s setting and gameplay are expected to be revealed at this particular event, along with the usual pre-order bonuses. While we are unlikely to see a Persona 6 announcement anytime soon, spinoffs and the like (such as the upcoming Persona 5: The Phantom X) could very well be announced.
  • Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring is almost guaranteed to make an appearance at this year’s Summer Game Fest, bringing with it new gameplay footage and lore for players to feast their eyes upon.
  • Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero: The upcoming grand entry within the dormant Budokai Tenkaichi DBZ franchise, Sparking Zero is shaping up to be quite the treat for fans. Featuring all-new characters from the animated series, along with the usual Budokai flair, Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero is also expected to make an appearance.
  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: Xbox’s Indiana Jones game may also make an appearance at this year's event, pushing a first-person narrative action-adventure title to the masses with the beloved character.
  • New DOOM game: Rumors of a new DOOM game have cropped up ever since the final DLCs for Doom Eternal were released. While information surrounding the game is scarce, it could very likely make its debut tomorrow at the Summer Game Fest 2024.
  • Silent Hill: Konami’s Silent Hill 2 (remake) and Silent Hill F are also expected to release additional, extended gameplay trailers.
  • Metal Gear Solid Delta: The much anticipated Metal Gear Solid 3 remake should also make an appearance at the Summer Game Fest 2024, it will likely showcase real-time gameplay and a release date.
  • Resident Evil: Both Resident Evil Zero and Code: Veronica remakes are expected to debut at SGF 2024.
  • New Dragon Age game: The untitled, rumored Dragon Age game may also make an exclusive appearance.
  • Phantom Blade Zero: The upcoming action-adventure PlayStation exclusive could debut at the event.
  • Death Stranding 2: Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding 2: On the Beach may very well make a surprise appearance at this year's SGF, during the PlayStation showcase.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC: DLC specific to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should also debut at the event. A Carnage DLC is rather unlikely to manifest itself at this point though.
  • Kingdom Hearts 4: Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 4 may very well make an appearance this year, continuing Sora’s journey.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Other than the expected Assassin’s Creed Shadows trailers, additional Assassin’s Creed games, such as Infinity, may also make their appearance.
  • Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake: The beloved Dragon Quest 2 remake is very likely to make its debut at the Summer Game Fest 2024, as per multiple leaks.
  • GTA VI: Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto VI is very likely to be a highlight of SGF 2024, and for good reason. It is one of the most anticipated games for this console generation. The probable GTA VI showcase should reveal proper gameplay footage, along with an estimated release date.
  • Civilization VII: Civilization VII is one of the expected announcements at this year’s programme. The presence of the game was leaked earlier via the 2K Games website, and was immediately taken down. Regardless, the reveal for Civ 7 is imminent.
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2: Ubisoft’s sequel to Beyond Good and Evil may also make an appearance, and has been reportedly created almost a year before.
  • New game from Idetaka Miyazaki: A yet untitled game is expected to be announced at the Summer Game Fest 2024, kickstarting the perennial rumor mill of the much anticipated Bloodborne remake/remaster one more.

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