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Canisters in Among Us showing who the impostors are? Debunking the theory

Image via InnerSloth Studios
Image via InnerSloth Studios
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 16 Nov 2020, 13:51 IST

It's really hard to figure out who the impostors are in a game of Among Us at the very beginning of the round.

One particular player in Among Us claims that the canisters in a map can tell players who the impostors are. It's a hilarious thing, truth be told. How can a canister, which is a cosmetic item in a game, tell players who the impostors are?

Talking canisters in Among Us?

Image via InnerSloth Studios
Image via InnerSloth Studios

A player going by the name AmongUs god made a video of gameplay where they showed that the color of the impostors was shown on the body of the canisters in the bottom left corner of the Polus map.

This simply isn't true. When the player zooms in on the canisters, it's very difficult to read what is etched on the body. Both times the player zooms in, it's the same thing that's written. This makes it pretty clear that this is just another Among Us meme.

Had it been possible, this method would have been exploited a long time ago by a lot of players. There are a lot of streamers who have been streaming the game for a while now. So it's safe to assume that someone or the other would have noticed it by now and would have talked about it.

To be honest though, if something like this were to happen, it would take the fun out of the game completely. Players would just walk up to the canisters and check out who the impostors were. That would defeat the entire purpose of the game.


The statement "canisters never lie" is currently doing rounds on the internet because of a few YouTubers who talk about this method for instantly winning Among Us.

Here's another video that claims to prove the canister method but most of the community knows better than to believe this.

The canisters never tell the truth. So next time players are confused about who the impostors are, they should rely on their inner Sherlock Holmes rather than a metal canister lying in a dark corner of one Among Us map. Who knows, the impostor might be expecting players in that very dark corner.

Published 14 Nov 2020, 21:22 IST
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