Among Us: The art of faking tasks as an Impostor

Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios
Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios
Amitesh Dhar

If you're an impostor in Among Us, you need to know how to fake it to make it till the end.

The basic idea of Among Us is the dynamics between the impostors and the crewmates. This social deduction game has a lot set out for the crewmates. Firstly, the crewmates have many maintenance tasks that they must complete in the game. And secondly, the impostors have a list of fake tasks. They cannot play these minigames, making it slightly difficult for them to go about in Among Us.

Why is this difficult? Well, since the impostors cannot complete the minigames, crewmates will easily be able to detect impostors while they complete the visual tasks in Among Us.

How to safely fake tasks in Among Us?

Knowing how to fake tasks in Among Us is very important if you want to win the game as an impostor. You can't just wander about as an impostor and not do anything at all. That'll make people more suspicious of you. Chances are, you might get voted out pretty quickly.

Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios
Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios

The easiest task for any impostor to fake are the ones that are short and swift. Tasks that aren't visual are also ones that the impostor can easily fake. Having said that, players would need to wait and see if someone is completing a common task before doing it themselves. Otherwise, it would unnecessarily raise the alarm.

Here are a few tasks that the impostor can fake safely:

  • Align Engine Output
  • Align Telescope
  • Assemble Artifact
  • Buy Beverage
  • Calibrate Distributor
  • Chart Course
  • Clean O2 Filter
  • Fill Canisters
  • Measure Weather
  • Monitor Tree
  • Process Data
  • Record Temperature
  • Repair Drill
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Sort Samples
  • Stabilize Steering
  • Store Artifacts

If you're feeling frisky enough, then you may attempt a few longer tasks. You do need a good deal of experience to know which task takes how much time to complete them. As an impostor, here are the tasks that you need to avoid faking:

  • Empty Garbage/Empty Chute
  • Clear Asteroids
  • Submit Scan
  • Prime Shields
Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios
Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios

While doing the tasks, please pay attention to the taskbar. If you have a crewmate looking over your shoulder while you're faking a task, make sure you only move after the taskbar has filled a bit, or else it will give you away completely.

Master that, and you're all set to deceive people by faking your tasks. Your road to being the ultimate impostor begins from here.

Edited by Shaheen Banu


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