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Among Us: Top 10 players dominating the game

Image Credits : InnerSloth Studios
Image Credits : InnerSloth Studios
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 31 Oct 2020, 21:42 IST

Among Us has sent the entire gaming community into a viral frenzy. With players from all over the globe playing this game on a regular basis, it was only a matter of time before people began to scramble to grab the top spot for the title. With streamers taking it upon themselves to make this game the popular title it is right now, here's our list of top 10 players in Among Us.

Top 10 players in Among Us

#1 Yeti

This list would be wrong if it didn't start with the winner of the first ever Among Us tournament hosted by the FaZe Clan. Yeti is, overall, an amazing player, with the right amount of logic-emotion combo. His accusations are well planned out, and let's face it, the guy is street smart. It's no surprise that this player dominates this list.

#2 5UP

In close second is the runner up of the tournament organised by FaZe clan again. This individual has an impeccable sense of logic, and can spot an impostor from far away in Among Us. 5up is always on point with his questions as a crewmate, but slightly falters when it comes to being an impostor. Still, its enough to bag him the second spot on this list.


#3 Corpse Husband

If you haven't heard of this individual, you definitely haven't been on the internet enough. Corpse Husband deserves a spot in the top 5 on this list, solely because of his calm demeanor. His manipulation of the lobby is simply amazing, and well, his heavy voice gives him the added edge of being able talk his way out of any situation.

#4 Disguised Toast

Jeremy Wang, also known as Disguised Toast, is an absolute beast when it comes to Among Us. This man actually goes on to count seconds to bust impostors. This is probably the reason why impostors target Toast at the very beginning, because if this player is left alive, there's no way they'll win the round.


#5 Trainwreck

Just as his name suggests, the man is a trainwreck. To phrase it better, he can turn a very peaceful lobby into a train wreck by his sheer lying skills. He's probably one of the best impostors to have ever played the game. Pure genius.

#6 Ludwig

Ludwig and 5up have very similar playstyles. He's a great reader and a wonderful questioner too. He can smooth talk his way out of a situation, and can confuse others with irrelevant information to save his hide. Overall, his impostor gameplay is slightly better than his crewmate gameplay.


#7 xQc

This guy is an impeccable lie detector, but his playstyle is very aggressive, and that probably comes back to haunt him quite often. He gets voted out early because of his aggression. He may be a good lie detector, but then again, he tends to forget his own reads, and is very interruptive when it comes to playing the game.

#8 Big Moist

You may know this player by the name Greaseball or Big Moist. He's not really the best player the game has, but the fact that he's been able to smooth talk Toast into making a wrong decision is definitely something.

#9 Russel

He may be not be that well known in the Among Us streaming community, but he's definitely good at what he does. His consistency is remarkable, but his plays aren't that well planned out. He's armed with good deduction skills though, and is a wonderful impostor, and an equally creative crewmate.


#10 Nogla

Making it to the final spot in the list is Nogla. He's an all-rounder with respect to Among Us. His psychological tricks get really messy at times, and can easily throw off any impostor or crewmate. When he's on a roll, Nogla is really difficult to mess around with on Among Us.

All of the above players are really good at what they do. The rankings are barely a means of bringing order to a list such as this. To sum it up in short, these are the 10 best players in Among Us today.

Published 31 Oct 2020, 21:42 IST
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