Among Us: United States Navy called out for 'celebrating' war crimes on Live Stream

United States Navy under fire after using questionable names during an Among Us game (Image Credits: Twitch Room)
United States Navy under fire after using questionable names during an Among Us game (Image Credits: Twitch Room)
Modified 28 Sep 2020

The United States Navy recently came under heavy scrutiny after a clip of them playing the popular online game ‘Among Us’ went viral. The clip in question showed the Navy streamers using questionable names for their in-game characters, which was rendered as both insensitive and uncalled for, especially from a branch of government that represents an entire country.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a United States Armed Force branch has come under fire for their actions on Twitch. A little while ago, the United States Army became the center of everyone’s attention when multiple users discovered that they were running a ‘recruitment campaign’ under the veil of them being ‘Free Giveaways’.

What did the US Navy do to spark an outrage?

Approximately a week ago, the Navy recruitment members on Twitch were spotted playing a game of ‘Among Us’ during their Live Stream session. What should’ve been light fun and humor quickly turned ominous when viewers discovered the player names that the Navy officials were using in-game.

Watch: Twitch Clip of US Navy playing a game of Among Us

While not all of them were problematic, a few that stood out were titled ‘Japan 1945’, ‘Nagasaki’, and ‘Gamer word’. The majority of the internet took offense to the fact that an extension of the US Armed Force, who represents an entire nation, was making an absolute mockery of the mournful events that took place during the war.

Other users leaned towards a different narrative, justifying the events by referencing the attacks on Pearl Harbor and why ‘War Crime’ was not the right term to use in the situation.

Needless to say, the US Navy stream managed to incite various responses from people, with some exclaiming that it may not be ‘as big a deal’.          

Twitch and US Navy damage control

So far, there has been no official statement from either Twitch or the Navy on the matter. Given how the incident is now over a week old, most of the outrage around it seems to have died down. However, many called out Twitch, requesting the platform to bring in stricter reforms that would help tone down problematic streams like the one in question.

While it is entirely possible that Twitch will review the matter as they see fit, it is highly unlikely that a ban or account suspension is underway.

Published 28 Sep 2020
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