Amouranth: The drama that surrounds her marriage controversy

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Kaitlyn' Amouranth' Siragusa is one of the most popular female Twitch streamers at the moment. With a follower count of over 1,600,000 on the platform, the online personality has over the years built a very loyal fanbase, who do more than just follow her channel.

Hailing from Houston, Amouranth began as a minor cosplayer who started by dressing up as her favourite video game and comic book character, mainly Princess Zelda and Link at the very beginning.

She wasn't known as Amouranth at the time, as the online persona only came into fruition in 2016 when she finally began streaming on Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube.

Even though she began as a video game streamer, Amouranth soon started adding layers of access to her channel and even began featuring content like NSFW erotic photos to personal chat sessions on Discord.

It was free to watch her play games and do some chores around the house, but to get some solo time with her, fans needed to pay a pretty penny.

Amouranth's streaming was gaining more and more traction over the years. Not only were the donations coming in, but her popularity was at a rocket high by the beginning of 2018.

It was only during June of 2018, when her popularity plummeted, and it was all because of a marriage controversy.

'L OF THE DAY' alleges that Amouranth is secretly married


On the 15th of June 2018, the YouTube show 'L OF THE DAY' posted a video that alleged that Amouranth is secretly married and that she has been lying to her fans about her relationship, to bring more donations to her channel.

According to 'L OF THE DAY', it was a gross betrayal by the online personality, where she betrayed not only her fans but also the community at large, especially those who wholeheartedly support her.

Now, to hardcore Amouranth fans, such allegations might seem baseless and constitute a straight up ticket to a defamation lawsuit. However, if we look at the video carefully, 'L OF THE DAY' does come up with some facts, which date back all the way to the early 2010s and to a man called Nick Lee.

To those who are unaware, 'L OF THE DAY' is a show which is hosted by King Fame. The show talks about various online personalities and tries to expose much of their false nature.

The 'Simps' are having none of it

So what is a 'Simp'? It's a colloquial slang, and a derogatory term referred to men "who are viewed as too submissive toward women, especially online personalities, from whom they hope to achieve some kind of romantic attention for their efforts."

And according to some of Amouranth's subscribers, the majority of her fanbase is filled with them.

So when the 'L OF THE DAY' video went viral on Reddit, it wasn't all that surprising to see that some of her fans didn't react too kindly to it.

Screengrab from the Reddit thread
Screengrab from the Reddit thread

The snapshot of the above thread was a consensus among most of her die-hard fans. It just goes to suggest that 'simping' is actually growing to be a dangerous social trend in the field of online streaming.

Amouranth's counter-allegations

In an interview to Syfywire, Amouranth discussed the video by 'L OF THE DAY', and told how infuriated she was with all of the allegations.

In one of her statements, she said, "The video about the rumour implies that the photos are recent & not 2.5-4 years old — before I started streaming. I do have a more critical problem; the video has created an online mob that has been doxing private information (address, social security #, family & friend contacts, and unrelated businesses that I wholly own). Since the video was released, I have had seven unsolicited food deliveries (a popular way to harass streamers) and two unidentified people snooping around my residence after dark (to which the local police department was alerted).

I think the video creator should be held accountable for putting me in real physical danger, and his channel should be taken down. The 'L of the day' channel seems obsessed about me (I'm featured in no less than 4 of the thumbnails for his videos). I have not attempted to take any action against the video; normally, I would comment, but this situation doesn't just involve myself. The only way to debunk what he is saying is to put MORE of my non-public information out there including legally sealed documents- I'm not looking for that kind of Pyrrhic victory."

The counter allegations by Amouranth are quite brutal and hard-hitting, but that is if they were true.

In a follow-up video:


'L OF THE DAY' talks about a lot of the allegations that Amouranth put in her statement, and he systematically goes on to prove how very false they are.

He says that he had no hand in creating a 'mob mentality' against her or even creating discord servers aimed at defaming her.

King Fame goes into a lot of detail as to why he made the initial video, and the purpose behind it. It was to expose the things that she was lying to her fans about; his videos are all about "people who do dumb things", and Amouranth according to him, does "dumb things".

He even goes onto say that there were many who asked him to do a part 2 of the video and provided him with an actual copy of her marriage certificate, as well as her actual phone number and house address. King Fame says that he took the high road, and did not expose any of the mentioned information, even if many felt that it would be the right thing to do.

Amouranth's take on the growing 'Simp' culture among Twitch communities

Apart from her statements in Syfywire, Amouranth was pretty much silent about the whole 'L OF THE DAY' video. This was the only platform where she revealed anything close to the marriage controversy surrounding her.

However, in one of her Twitch streams, she did address a comment which talked about how many of her fans regard her Twitch channel as a sort of a 'dating service'.

Though her reply to it was meant to be sarcastic, some of us can't help but feel that there is some veracity of truth in her words.

To the comment, Amaranth says that:

"Haven't you heard the news? Every female on the internet is eligible to be dated by people who see her. She's an eligible candidate for every person who sees her. That is the law of the land.

No matter where she lives, no matter what their compatibility might be, no matter what their sexual preferences are, anything. If she's on the internet, 'bobs and vagene', you can date her."

Amouranth has a long list of donors and back in 2018, some even went as far as to donate a sum which is well north of $10,000, and that too in a single month.

Screengrab from 'L OF THE DAY' Video
Screengrab from 'L OF THE DAY' Video

'L of the day' portrays it clearly in his video, and states that it is a ridiculous amount for any fan to give to an online personality, especially the one who is lying about her marital status.

Amouranth, in the stream, was quite clear about her take on fan donations. According to her, the money that she receives is a simple case of returned affection. And the fans do this "because of their own warped understanding and treatment of women online, particularly on Twitch."