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Angry Birds 2 releases to the world

Angry Birds 2 releases to the world

News 01 Aug 2015, 15:14 IST
The poster of Angry Birds 2

Six years and ten spin-offs later, the official sequel to the wildly popular Angry Birds, titled Angry Birds 2, has finally released to the world. Needless to say the game was highly anticipated and will undoubtedly be on the devices of millions of users in the next few hours.

The sequel marks the return of Red, Chuck and Bomb, as well as a new bird named Silver. Angry Birds 2 boasts of improved visuals and gameplay as well as new weapons such as blizzards, hot peppers and magic ducks, which will surely give the piggies a run for their money. A new mode called Arena has also been added, which allows players to challenge each other for upgrades.

Rovio co-founder Niklas Hed, was quoted as saying: “Design technology has evolved dramatically since the original game launched in 2009.”

“With Angry Birds 2 we wanted to bring a level of expressive depth and detail seen previously only in a console game or animated series – and create a new game that kids and adults alike won’t be able to put down.”

“Angry Birds 2 doubles down on the core tenets of the original that our fans loved: destruction and more destruction!” adds creative director Patrick Liu. “At the same time it adds a whole new layer of emergent strategy gameplay for both old and new fans to master.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to torment some green piggies.

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