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Animated short-film takes shots at "Cyberpunk 2077" developers for stealing gamers' money

Animated video claims Cyberpunk 2077
Animated video claims Cyberpunk 2077's developers stole gamer's money (Image via Flashgitz)
Tee Kay
Modified 29 Dec 2020, 03:48 IST

An animated video posted by Flashgitz on YouTube depicts imaginary scenes from Cyberpunk 2077's launch meeting at CD Projekt Red's headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

The fan-made short-film begins with an executive of CD Projekt Red talking on the phone and promising a "solid 60 fps" performance for Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of the conversation, he puts thephone down and states that it was the President of Poland on the line.

He frantically goes on to explain that the entire Polish economy is depending upon Cyberpunk 2077. The game failing would result in a rapid decline of the entire country's economic structure.

The video even goes on to take a dig at the developers with a certain "Czeslaw" even mentioning how they were a rat-catcher before being a game developer. Czeslaw also mentions that they do not want to go back to being a rat-catcher again.

Apart from that, the video contained plenty of digs at the developers at how Cyberpunk 2077 is allegedly just a scam to steal gamer's money.


Cyberpunk 2077's animated fan-made short-film

The video title "Cyberpunk is sorry" not only takes random digs at the developers but also potrays a brutal stabbing of a bear whose uncle is the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs. The stabbing comes at a scenario when the developers have already given up on the thought of a delay and are planning to scam the players.

The Bear tries to intervene, however, they are met with a brutal ending as Czeslaw stabs the animal repeatedly in the chest. Prior to this, the developers can be seen worrying about players cancelling their pre-orders if they reveal the original gameplay footages of Cyberpunk 2077 on older devices.

Things even came to the point of predicting a situation where Poland's economy plunges to a dark spot for hundreds of years. To this, Grzegorz suggested, "What if we tell the game reviewers to play footage we provide? Then gamers will think game is perfect and keep pre-orders."

The presiding executive at the meeting seemed to ponder over the thought of "stealing millions of dollars" from the fans. After a little bit of hesitation followed by a brief consultation with "Dazbog," the God of Sun, the executive gives a green signal to the plan.

At this point, the bear tries to intervene and meets his brutal fate. The video ends shortly after with the head executive saying "the world will never understand our sacrifice here today."


However, no matter how funny or offending the video might seem to the fans of CD Projekt Red, it is safe to say that the developers have no intention of stealing anyone's money. After initiating refunds for unsatisfied players, CD Projekt Red are continuously working to make Cyberpunk 2077 the game that the community expected.

Published 29 Dec 2020, 03:48 IST
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