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Anthem News: BioWare addresses fan concerns in open letter to community

Greg Bush
16 Mar 2019, 06:45 IST

Anthem has a long way to go, but the dev team is here for the long haul
Anthem has a long way to go, but the dev team is here for the long haul

To say that Anthem has had a rocky start would be putting it lightly. BioWare's online multiplayer loot shooter has completely failed to bring players what they were expecting. Aside from the terrible bugs that plagued the beta, and an issue recently which saw the game literally bricking PlayStation 4 consoles, the community has had several complaints about the Anthem itself.

The main objection has been repeated by every website, video game reviewer, and casual player who has touched the game. There's too much grinding for, essentially, terrible loot. Though it's gotten quite a lot of heat over the past few months, there is a dedicated fanbase who still loves it and sees its potential.

One of those fans took to Reddit to try to figure out what's happening with the game. Reddit user harishcs took to the Anthem subreddit and asked BioWare, "what's going on?"

The post addressed several issues that the Anthem community has been dealing with including:

#Lack of communication in post release vs pre-release

#Ignoring the major problems players had (eg. loot)

#Unlisted patch notes keeping players in the dark

#Lack of story and character development

#Lack of content


#Lack of customization

And while the game does have its fair share of problems, it doesn't mean that the company or the development team working on it don't care. It's the opposite in fact, as BioWare community manager Jesse Anderson stated in the thread, first by thanking the community for being so open in regards to their issues with Anthem and their honesty. He also said that he wouldn't be able to address all of the concerns listed in the post, but would do his best to tackle what he could.

Starting off, Anderson stated that the reason the dev team hasn't really been involved with the community since the game's launch has to do with the amount of negativity they've received from the fanbase. Strictly speaking, it's his job, but it isn't theirs, and they don't want to deal with those who are blindly taking their hatred out on those who are only trying to help.

As far as a lack of response to the major issues, Anderson said that the reasoning is, simply, that if there's nothing else to say and if he doesn't here back from the team on them, it's hard to actually talk about them. Essentially, minor bug fixes are brought up because they have or can easily be fixed, while major problems players are facing need time to be fixed and won't get an immediate response.

There was a lot more that was addressed by Anderson, which you can read here. However, he finished by saying that Anthem is here to stay. BioWare and the dev team are incredibly devoted to the game, and hope that the community can continue to help them address and fix issues it's currently dealing with.

As far as comparisons to other games in the genre that are looked at as being "done right" it's important to remember that some of them had a rocky launch as well. Warframe and Destiny 2 have definitely come a long way, and it's possible that Anthem will be held in the same light one day as long as the crew is as dedicated as they claim to be.

Do you appreciate Jesse Anderson's answers? Do you feel that Anthem is on the right path? Let us know in the comments below.

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