Anthem Review(PC, PS4 and Xbox One): See what the critics are saying about Bioware's latest MMO RPG.

Shreyansh Katsura

Anthem, an open world MMO looter shooter is finally out today on PC, PS4 and Xbox one all across the globe.

Of course, the people with EA Access already have the game since 15 February and hence the reason why the reviews have started pouring in from every corner of the world so early.

The game currently has a Metacritic score of 62/100.

Let's see what some of the most acclaimed media companies are saying about the game.


Score - 6.5/10.

Anthem has energetic combat but it saves too much of what precious little content it has for the endgame, making playing through its mismatched story a tediously repetitive grind.


Score - 6/10.

Anthem has good ideas, but it struggles significantly with the execution. It's a co-op game that works best with no one talking; it buries genuinely interesting character moments and puts its most incomprehensible story bits at the forefront; its combat is exciting until you get to the boss fights and find your wings have been clipped. Even the simple, exhilarating act of flying is frequently interrupted by the limitations of your javelin, and you never quite shake that feeling of disappointment--of knowing, throughout the good parts of Anthem, that you'll inevitably come crashing back down.

#3.The Guardian.

Score - 2/5.

Anthem rarely stretches beyond the derivative. The combat, while well-designed, is little more than Gears of War with jetpacks, and narratively it veers between inconsequential and downright irritating. This anthem is, sadly, a tedious and conservative dirge that we’ve all heard before.


Score - 7/10.

"I wish some things were different but I find myself wanting to play Anthem beyond the scope of this review. It isn't changing the way the genre operates, not by a long shot, and if you've struggled with a few of them before and tossed them in the gutter, you'll probably do the same here. BioWare will need to build quickly on top of its shimmering jet-fueled foundation to hold people's interest, but folks looking for a new neighborhood to move into might want to give Anthem a try--either now or after fixes and updates."


Anthem is just another average addition to this growing MMO shared world shooter genre. Lack of any good storytelling, characters like in previous Bioware titles, Anthem's gameplay makes up for some of its flaws, but after grinding through the main campaign it starts to show its hollowness as well. Oh, and the bugs and glitches don't make things any prettier than they are.

Overall, Anthem has a long road to travel but its start isn't fancy as you might have expected.

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