Are Corpse Husband & TinaKitten dating? Here is everything we know so far

Fans of both Corpse Husband and TinaKitten have been shipping them for a while (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans of both Corpse Husband and TinaKitten have been shipping them for a while (Image via Sportskeeda)

Corpse Husband has been perhaps one of the most famous internet personalities for a while now, with quite a massive fan following.

The faceless streamer has a voice that famously makes people swoon over him and is one of the major reasons behind his popularity. Of course, like every other well-known personality, his fans tend to try and pry into his personal life, especially regarding the aspect of dating.

Around May this year, the streaming community brimmed with rumors about a supposed relationship between Corpse Husband and fellow streamer TinaKitten. One reason for the rumors spreading like wildfire is that the two personalities (at least, apparently) are polar opposites of each other.

While, on the one hand, Corpse Husband is a doom/hip hop artist and streamer associated with creepypasta and the like, TinaKitten is an adorable and bubbly personality on stream. Many in the community also consider TinaKitten to be the female version of Sykkuno.

The flames of their relationship rumors rose when the singer/songwriter apparently referred to Tina as "babe" on stream. This kicked off a series of questions and conjectures about the two because, apparently, nobody had anything better to do.

TinaKitten and Corpse Husband have often spoken out about how annoying this ordeal is

Whether healthy or not, barging into celebrities' lives is a favorite pastime for the community. But in a "burst their bubble" moment, the two streamers made it clear that they are not dating each other on multiple occasions.

TinaKitten has been very clear that she does not like it when the fans ship her with someone just because she is single. She said in a tweet in March:

"It doesn't give anyone like an excuse to ship with me with anyone. Please don't overanalyze my interaction with men."

However, TinaKitten and Corpse Husband are good friends who frequently appear on streams together, sometimes with Sykkuno as well.

No matter how annoying the trend might be, fans will do what they have to do. Why else does fan fiction enjoy such immense popularity?

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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