Arma 2 Video Goes Viral As IAF Conducts Airstrikes on JeM Camps

Image result for Really Short Engagement (ft. Taliban) - Apache Gunner FLIR Cam #6 - Arma 2
Disclaimer: The video is from the game Arma 2 which was published in 2009. This is not taken out by IAF.

Earlier today a video went around posing as a fake clip from a recent Indian Air Force strike on a Jaish-e-Mohammad camp. The clip was not from the IAF, it wasn't even real. The origin of this clip was from the 2009 military simulation and open world game Arma 2.

The video was shared extensively across Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, gaining almost 2 million views and climbing. Check it for yourself:


The Arma series is more like a platform than a first-person shooter game. The sequel of this game, Arma 3, is famous for being the origin of games such as DayZ and PUBG.

The Arma 3 mod was then called PlayerUnknown's Battle Royale, which became the game we know today. Both DayZ and PUBG started in Arma 2 and got ported over to Arma 3.

In the clip, the player is demonstrating a simulation of how an Apache Gunner Helicopter strikes Taliban forces and the capabilities of the vehicle. The Arma series has a single player campaign but also many different mods and simulations players can make.

The Arma series was developed by Czech Studio Bohemian Interactive who design simulation games such as Arma with realistic physics. Other releases include the Operation Flashpoint series and the Take On series, where you could explore Mars.

Bohemia Interactive's simulation games are reputed for being accurate and the studio has even been recruited by the US Government to make simulations for their military forces.

Be wary of fake news, the slightest lie could trigger a mass wave of fake viral content and upset many others. Governments are not likely to release footage of sensitive material so soon.

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