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Assassin's Creed film gets release date

Assasin's Creed: Unity gets December 21st 2016 release date

News 06 Jan 2015, 22:46 IST
Assassin’s Creed: Unity

20th Century Fox and Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie has finally got a release date. The movie is finally back on track after having its release date shifted around multiple times. Though this may or may not be good news for Assassin’s Creed fans, given how most video game-based movies have flunked at the box office. But things may be different this time around with such close interaction between studios as well as having a star like Michael Fassbender on board.

The movie was originally slated to release in theaters on August 7th but has now been shifted to December 21st, 2016, a whole year and a half later. It’s quite surprising that the film has been shifted to the quieter Christmas period instead of the normally preferred summer slot. Also, the only competition the movie will face around the holiday time is from the upcoming Star Wars spinoff.

The film is being directed by Justin Kurzel (Snowtown, Macbeth) and produced by Michael Fassbender who could be playing the lead character Desmond Miles. The film will be a mixture of the game and new story elements. Not much is known about the movie besides these.

Assassin’s Creed is a hit game franchise by Ubisoft which saw two major releases this past year namely Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. But the game series had run into its own set of problems after Unity released with tons of bugs and glitches. This prompted Ubisoft to release a number of patches in the hopes to fix what many called a “broken game”.

The game is still a sour subject among Assassin’s Creed fans but hopefully the new movie and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game will change things.

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