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Assault Rifle vs SMG: Which is the better gun in PUBG Mobile?

  • Pointers to help players decide the best gun category according to their playing style and situation.
  • A comparison between two widely used weapons in the game.
Anuj Gupta
Modified 30 Jun 2020, 15:16 IST
PUBG Mobile, image via ddelhi
PUBG Mobile, image via ddelhi

PUBG Mobile offers a series of weapon categories in the game. Each category like Sniper Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles(DMRs) have various unique guns in it. Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns are used quite frequently in the game, with ARs being one of the most used weapon categories in the battle royale.

Developers have made these categories based on real-world guns. Both AR and SMG are different gun categories. ARs include M416, AUG 43, Beryl, G36C, M416, M16A4, AKM, SCAR-L, Mutant, QBZ95 and Groza. The SMGs in the game are Micro UZI, UMP45, MP5K, Vector, PP-Bizon and Tommy Gun. The two variants co-existing in the ecosystem of PUBG Mobile, begs the question: Which one is the better?

Assault Rifles(ARs)

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle AKM, image via Twitter
PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle AKM, image via Twitter

Assault Rifles are the go-to guns of PUBG Mobile. They are also the most used ones, even by professional players. The primary reason for their popularity is the sheer flexibility and consistency of these weapons. They are accurate in medium-range combats and do well in short and long-range engagements.

The best part about these guns is that they usually deal great damage but are a little challenging to control at long ranges with a scope.

Submachine Guns(SMGs)

PUBG Mobile SMG Vector, image via Androidtrunk
PUBG Mobile SMG Vector, image via Androidtrunk

Submachine Guns are like a crossbreed between Assault Rifles and automatic pistols. They are accurate at close range and commonly provide a high fire rate. SMGs are great for close quarter combats and dish out a significant amount of damage. The same is not true for long-range engagements, where SMGs fall off as an effective weapon. Although they can be fitted with scopes and other attachments, SMGs only show minor improvement at long range.


It is impossible to choose the better gun in these two categories. The best use of these weapons boils down to the situation and availability in-game. While Assault Rifles are reliable and do immense damage at medium to long-range, SMGs are great at short range.

Unlike SubMachine guns, ARs need players to be more accurate, which requires a lot of practice, patience and dedication. For example, The M416 AR has decent hit damage of 41, bullet velocity of 880 m/s and very low vertical recoil when single tapping at long range. With the right attachments, the gun is stable even at short distance engagements. Looking at a typical PP-19 Bizon SMG, the gun offers hit damage of 35, bullet velocity of 408m/s and an unpredictable recoil pattern.

The damage of SMGs is lower compared to an AR, and its usefulness is limited to close range combats.

Experienced players recommend SMGs in urban areas and during frequent engagements in close quarters. Players can also use ARs at close quarters if they are adept in using the weapon and can control its recoil. Overall AR has a slight edge over the SMGs because of their intense damage and stability. One-shot to the head with an AKM is far quicker than the multiple sprays down with UZI.

Published 30 Jun 2020, 14:58 IST
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