Auto Chess Mobile: What Can we expect?

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Modified 02 Apr 2019, 12:24 IST

Auto Chess
Auto Chess

If you read the headline you might figure out the biggest change that we are waiting to see. The biggest change and probably the most important change in Auto Chess will be the heroes. Yes, Dota Auto Chess will be in your hands as Auto Chess, and you will get your "New Pawns" to play with.

There are a few changes that I expect to see in the mobile version, not because I am very hyped about the mobile version but mostly because this will be the first time Auto Chess will come out as a Game and not a Mod. As we already know that Valve is interested in Auto Chess, this also means the mobile release is just a trailer before the movie is released. Yes, I am expecting an independent PC-version release in the near future.

Changes that we might see in the Mobile Version

⚡ Heroes - We already know that the game is coming out with its own heroes which makes it even more interesting. Considering the E-sports scene building up based on Auto Chess will have more to explore and learn when Auto Chess release their new heroes. It will be interesting to see if the heroes are completely independent creation or inspired by multiple MOBA games around.

There is also the chance that we might see heroes from other popular MOBA games like League of Legends. Finally, a battlefield where Dota2 heroes fight against the LoL champs? It can happen. Even if the heroes are completely new, it will be challenging to learn and master those heroes, and it will be something new.

⚡ Different Game Modes - Auto Chess only have one game mode, for now, the basic main mode where it's an 8x8 PvP competition. Auto Chess came out as a MOD so the game itself was a mode and in that case, developers can't release a different mode without making another mod. But now developers have the chance to make different game modes and even tutorial mode for the new players. When the game comes out as an independent game, it will possible to have different modes such as Bot game, 1v1 or a faster game mode with 4 people in it.

The possibilities are endless and since the release of the MOD, the game refused to die. The number of subscribers is growing everyday and its growing very fast. Players all over the world have already shown a massive amount of interest in Auto Chess tournaments, all they need is an independent game and I can already see the Pro-Auto Chess scene taking over the world.

Published 02 Apr 2019, 12:24 IST
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