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Baldur’s Gate 3: First Look at Larian’s next masterpiece

Modified 28 Feb 2020, 12:06 IST
Larian Studios gives us a first look into Baldur's Gate 3

When it comes to representing the Dungeons and Dragons style of adventure and exploration in the video game format, Larian Studios are one of the very few developers who get the formula just right.

With the Divinity Original Sin series, they have taken the DnD format to a whole other level and provided players with very new and a very unique RPG experience. 

So, when they announced Baldur’s Gate 3 in E3 2019, they left many fans giddy with excitement, as it would seem that they have taken up Lovecraftian horror this time around. 

In yesterday’s PAX East 2020, Larian Studios has shared more details about their upcoming game along with gameplay footage, which reveals much of what they’re working on.

The Story

As far as the opening cinematic trailer goes, it seems that Baldur’s Gate 3 will have a story that will primarily revolve around mind flayers, who seem to be invading and capturing different races.

However, the reason behind them doing so is not yet clear, and the gameplay footage doesn’t reveal much on that ground either. 

The opening cinematic begins with a mind flayer inserting what seems like a ‘tadpole’ into a character’s head (it literally protrudes teeth and goes in through the eyelids), so as to turn the character into a mind flayer as well. 


The gameplay footage also revealed the character design system, which Larian Studios was more than happy to demo for us. And it looks to be even more detailed than what the Divinity series had offered in the past.

The ‘Origin system’ is present as well, and you can pick from a range of preset characters (if you wish to closely follow the story) or create a whole new customized one.


Combat is going to have a variety of tactical options (image credit: Larian Studios)
Combat is going to have a variety of tactical options (image credit: Larian Studios)

The turn-based combat remains in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, compared to the Divinity Original Sin series Larian seems to have taken it up a notch and provides a wider variety of tactical options. 

From seeking a higher ground for combat advantage to using your rogue in underground pathways for a surprise attack, there is a lot you will be able to achieve in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, Larian has actually included a DnD style dice roll behind each action that you take, making story progression and character interactions much more vast and expansive than what they have conjured in the previous titles.


More changes in the future

Well, not everything is set in stone for now, and the PAX East 2020 reveal was just the first look as to what Larian has in store for us. There are more changes, polishing, and details to come in the future, along with an official release date.

Published 28 Feb 2020, 12:05 IST
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