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Batman: Arkham Knight's delay is important according to Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Knight's delay will improve the game drastically according to Rocksteady.

News 28 Feb 2015, 18:44 IST
Batman: Arkham Knight 

The delay of the release of the much awaited game Batman: Arkham Knight’s was important for the game according to Rocksteady, as the extra time was required for the company to realise the true vision of the game. The game was meant which was meant to come out by October last year, is scheduled to release on June 2 this year. 

Sefton Hill the director of the game explained how delaying the game was important in an interview with Edge magazine.

Hill explained that the vision Rocksteady had set for the game would have been lost had they released it earlier as per the schedule. The gaming company had to make a call if it was worth delaying the game so that they could meet the standard they had set for themselves. They took up the matter with Warner Bros. who were not pleased with the decision, but finally have the permission to delay the game after “a lot of grovelling.”

The delay, according to Hill was never about the game being good enough, according to him it would have been great even if it was released back in 2014. The belief is that Hill delayed the game so that he could add more features into the game.

The delay though might end up being a boon, as a lot of games release last year had a lot of glitches or were broken when launched. 

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