PUBG Mobile Tips: Best locations to get a Companion In PUBG Mobile

locations for a companion in PUBG mobile .
locations for a companion in PUBG mobile .
Rohit Jaswal
Modified 20 May 2019

So, the new update for PUBG Mobile has arrived. And it has brought lots of new features with it. Royal Pass Season 7, new ranking system and best of all companion features has also been released in 0.12.5 version. But if you are still unable to find a companion for yourself then in this post I have shortlisted the major locations to get a companion in PUBG Mobile.

How To Get A Companion:

In this PUBG update, companion features have not been released completely. As players are only able to find a nest in various locations of the maps. When a player goes near the nest an option gets poped named as 'Hatch' and when a player clicks on it a bird appears on the ground. And when he taps on the bird the companion flies over to his right shoulder. So this is just a small version of the companion features.

Locations To Get A Companion:

#1 Hill On The Novorepnoye:

It is one of the best locations to get a nest for a companion. And you can get your favourite companion features here without any major risk.

Locations for a companion in PUBG mobile
Locations for a companion in PUBG mobile

You can find a nest below the tower situated on the top of the hill which lies between Sosnovka Military Base and Novorepnoye.

#2 Pochinki Church:

Another location to easily get a companion is the church on the hill of Pochinki. A player can climb up the church and go to its side windows. A nest is available there and a player can hatch a companion from there.

#3 Georgopol Tower:

One of the nest is also available on the top of a Georgopol tower. It is available on the tower situated on the river side of Georgopol containers.

#4 Mylta Power:

A companion can also be found on the big green building in Mylta Power. It is situated on the top floor of the building and a companion can also be hatched from there.

#5 Stalber:

Another location to get a companion is in Stalber buildings. But it is very far to go sometimes so you can visit other locations mentioned above.

So these some of the major locations to get a companion easily in the Erangel Map of PUBG Mobile.

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Published 18 May 2019
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