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5 Best Multiplayer Games to Play in 2019

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Dota2: Alchemist
Dota2: Alchemist

It does not matter if we are console or PC gamers, if we like RPG or FPS, we can all agree that we all love multiplayer games. Who does not like to play with their friends? Today I will mention the best multiplayer games that you can play in 2019.

Multiplayer games are a lot different than most single player games. Here you can't get bored with the bots because they are not bots. That is the best thing about the multiplayer game. Nothing is certain here, every character you meet in the game is someone like you and now you are competing against them. You don't win against game anymore, now you win the game against other players.

Multiplayer games literally created the E-sports scene. The idea of competitive gaming came forward because of multiplayer games. There are multiplayer games that are now part of the e-sports but there are other multiplayer games that are not. If you like to play with and against other players, if you want to compete against other humans, if you want to test your skills properly then multiplayer games are what you need. Here are a few of the multiplayer games that you can play in 2019.

#1 DOTA 2

Arc Warden
Arc Warden

Do we have a choice here? I don't think so. Any time you mention the word "Multiplayer", this game will come up. Dota2 is not only the most played multiplayer ever created but also the most complicated MOBA ever. Dota2 has a very steep learning curve, however, the basics of the game are pretty simple

The game is played between 2 teams - Radiant and Dire. Both teams will have 5 players and they will battle against each other in the online arena.

Every player gets to choose a character, they are called "Heroes" in Dota2. Your goal is to earn gold and XP by killing enemies and neutrals, making items and destroying enemy buildings. Beside towers and barracks, each team has its most important building inside their base - The Ancient. The first team to destroy the enemy ancient wins the game. Anything else you see is just the amazing filler of the game.

Dota2 is the most played game ever with the largest player base and community. Feel free to jump in and see for yourself, and if you don't know how to figure things out? Take a look here.

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