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Best way to quickly grind Hearts in Mortal Kombat 11 and Heart Chest Locations

  • Struggling to earn Hearts for the Krypt? Find out how to farm them with ease!
Greg Bush
Modified 20 May 2019, 15:31 IST
The Heart Chests are the best places to get skins, brutalities, and more for your favorite fighters
The Heart Chests are the best places to get skins, brutalities, and more for your favorite fighters

Recently, NetherRealm Studios released a patch that would make it easier and more rewarding to farm the various currencies in Mortal Kombat 11. In the initial release, grinding for Soul Fragments, Time Krystals, Koins, and Hearts was, to put it nicely, a chore.

Finishing the story mode of Mortal Kombat 11 would net you about 300 Time Krystals, around 500 Hearts, a thousand or so Soul Fragments, and a few hundred thousand Koins.

Now, that may sound like a great amount of currency, and after the recent patch that gave players an additional 1000 Time Krystals, 500 Hearts, 1,000 Soul Fragments, and 500,000 Koins, you'd think that you may have enough to clean out the Krypt at least once.

Well, that's not the case. In fact, you'll quickly run through that cache of Koins in no time. As far as Hearts go, they're used to open special Heart Chests that give you special gear for each "kombatant" in the game.

The problem is each chest requires 250 Hearts to unlock them, meaning that even after the recent patch and running through the story mode, you'll only have enough to open four chests.

So what are players supposed to do if they want to unlock gear and skins for all of the characters as soon as possible? It may sound lazy, but the best way to farm Hearts, and most currency in the game, is with your AI partner.

Various guides have popped up across the internet from pro gamers, streamers, and YouTubers, who have all figured out this simple trick. Below is a video from unCAGEDgamez who places his Noob Saibot on AI, adjusts parameters for that character, making them more aggressive than usual, and sends him into a limitless tower.

In most cases, when the AI player wins the match, they will perform a Fatality, which is great, because while this trick is great for earning a large amount of Koins, the only way to earn Hearts in Mortal Kombat 11 is through Fatalities or Brutalities.


The hardest bit of work you'll end up doing is allowing your AI partner to continue through the towers. With this trick, you'll earn more than enough hearts to open several chests in no time. As far as where to find the Heart Chests in the Krypt, below is a list of each fighter's chest and where they're hidden.

Baraka - Gardens 5646, 5216

Cassie Cage - Courtyard Cave -3071, -2738

Cetrion - Courtyard -791, -9331

D'vorah - Kytinn Hive 5205, 11834

Erron Black - Wooden Bridge -1055, -7033

Frost - Lower Courtyard -7550, -5528

Geras - Goro's Lair -7748, -13987

Jade – Dead Woods 3465, -1136

Jacqui Briggs – Palace Entrance 3465, -1136

Jax – Courtyard -70, 3835

Johnny Cage – The Dojo 3076, -4092

Kabal – The Pit -8642, -6393

Kano – Courtyard -2984, 4718

Kitana – Lower Pit -7470, -975

Kotal Kahn – Courtyard Cave 6607, -4469

Kollector – Goro’s Lair 5422, -1455

Kung Lao – Goro’s Throne Room -1545, -3414

Liu Kang – Kytinn Hive -5487, -1830

Noob Saibot – Dining Hall -3464, -2183

Raiden – Goro’s Lair 13228, 4965

Scorpion – The Jails -6864, 1181

Shao Kahn – Torture Halls 1767, 6455

Skarlet – Chamber of Suffering -5208, 4919

Sonya – The Vault 5085, 1618

Sub-Zero – Armory -5426, -5804

Who have you picked up as your main in Mortal Kombat 11? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published 04 May 2019, 07:37 IST
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