Bigetron RA wins PMPL Indonesia; Advances to World League

Bigetron RA (Image via: PUBG Mobile Indonesia)
Bigetron RA (Image via: PUBG Mobile Indonesia)

The best teams of Indonesia battled in the regional Pro League finals. Bigetron RA has emerged victorious among them. The champions of PMCO fall split 2019 managed to win the finals with an all-round performance and ease manner.

Previously, the team had won the league stage of PMPL Indonesia with over a margin of 400 points. With that said, BTR RA has its slot confirmed for the World League in Eastern division.

After getting a solid start with chicken dinner, the Pillar Slayers managed to top the table and end the first day with 29 kill points. The Red Aliens were not much behind as they finished second with less than a margin of 8 points.

The following day is where tables started turning around. BTR topped the chart with 2 chicken dinners, and the Pillar Slayers slipped to the second spot. But the second day proved to be crucial for team Morph who climbed 8 positions with 31 kills and were placed third ending the day.

The final day saw a stunning performance from Onic Esports as they took 38 kills and climbed over 8 positions on the final day. Nikk's effort for the team was totally flabbergasting, who took 20 kills on the final day and later became the terminator of the tournament for 38 kills in total.

After 17 rounds hard fought matches, the final results were BTR RA emerging as the winner, Morph finishing second and Onic Esports ending at third place. As Pillar Slayers fell short of just 2 points and finished fourth.

Below are the final standings of PMPL Indonesia:

1. Bigetron RA

2. Morph Team

3. Onic Esports

4. The Pillar Slayers

5. Aura

6. Bonfide Esports

7. Red Rocket Cosmic

8. RRQ Ryu

9. Louvre Esports

10. Aerowolf Limax

11. Alter Ego Esports

12. Boom Esports

13. Victim Sovers

14. NFT Esports

15. Dranix Avenger

16. Geek Fam

Morph, and Onic Esports will now battle in the Southeast Asia finals along With BTR for the prize pool(150,000 USD) and the spot for World League. The Southeast Asia finals will include top 3 teams from Thailand, the SEA Wildcard region, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore regions. While teams from Thailand, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia have been finalized. The pro league of Malaysia/Singapore and Vietnam regions are yet to be concluded. So, there have been no dates announced for the finals as of now.

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