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BloodBorne releases today, one shield included in the game

The long awaited game by From Software, Bloodborne has been released today

News 26 Mar 2015, 12:08 IST
BloodBorne releases today, one shield included in the game
BloodBorne contains one shield.

The long awaited game by From Software, Bloodborne has been released today , it is probably the only game that gets players all charged up to get their brain whipped with brutal attacks. Pain is the ruling factor in Bloodborne and it seems as that this time its intensity will leave behind the gruesome standards that were in set in the Dark or Demon Souls series, the whole game appears to be running on the lines of the portraying pain in a new manner.

Post the release several reviews of the game surfaced which suggested that the game seems to only have one shield in it. At first it was rumored that the game would not bear a shield at all but according to a revelation made by the developers last month stated that some kind of semblance of a shield would be included in the game which happens to be a wooden shield. As per reports made by attackofthefanboy website, the shield can prove to be helpful at certain junctures in the game, but it is definitely not that effective in the long run. So you can forget the about the luxury of saving yourself from attacks by hiding behind your shield, protection depends mainly on the dodging skills of the players. However, developers have made up for the lack of shield by providing a  variety of gun weapons that allows players to fight enemies from a longer range than ever.

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