Borderlands 3: Lilith Loses Her Power, New Villains ability to drain Siren Powers, Release Date 

Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 finally received its first gameplay trailer at PAX East 2019 Gearbox conference. It was a great moment to finally watch the first gameplay trailer of one of the best looter-shooter game's sequel.

The new gameplay trailer revealed tons of new details about the game's possible release date, new villains, new protagonists, story, new vehicles, guns, and more stuff. Borderlands 3's release date was in the form of an easter egg in the gameplay trailer. In the gameplay trailer at few seconds from 1:51 you can note that there are two numbers on buildings in different scenes.

The first no. is 1 and the second is 10. This lets players and some of the media websites to assume that Borderlands 3 might get a release date of October 1, 2019, which is quite reasonable as by the looks of the trailer Borderlands 3 development might already be nearing its end.


Borderlands 3 introduces 2 brand new villains to the franchise, "Troy and Tyreen". The two new siren villains run a cult group named children of the vault. Handsome Jack death was confirmed by Randy Pitchford in the conference.

Though after seeing Rhys in the gameplay trailer I highly doubt that Jack will not be there in Borderlands 3. There's a chance that we might once again be able to see Handsome Jack's AI self.

Talking about Borderlands 3 and its new villains, in the trailer there's a scene where Lilith is crawling towards the vault key on the floor.

Meanwhile, our villains having a chat near her, the main eye-catching part of that scene was Lilith's missing siren tattoos.

Which leads to a hypothetical question - Is Lilith been snatched off her siren powers by the villains?

According to me, there are two possible scenarios -

  • Lilith used a large extent of her powers while battling Troy and Tyreen which resulted in her missing siren tattoos.
  • Lilith siren abilities were snatched by Troy or Tyreen. If this is the actual case then we should be ready for villains which are going to prove more dangerous than Handsome Jack himself.

What do you all think about the scene? and Lilith's siren Tattoos?. Tell us down in the comments.

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