Borderlands 3 Pax East 2019: 4 new MC's, villains and everything you need to know

Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3
Hrithik Raj

Gearbox Pax East 2019 Live Conference ended a few hours ago and since then, we've had time to digest the information presented to us. We got to see the new Gearbox Publishing feature, which is helping several new Indie developers and others to publish their respective games.

The conference also showcased some of the new games from partnered studious and a tiny tina board game. Borderlands is a critically acclaimed series and one of the best co-op games ever made - but we were made to wait until the end to finally get a first glance at the long-awaited Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal trailer.


The trailer showcased two brand new in-game villains. If you remember the short teaser where there were two characters - one male and female - seated at the throne while being worshipped by the bandits. Yes, you guessed it, they are the new antagonists in the game.

Gearbox Software CEO and president Randy Pitchford explained that the previous trailer being teased was actually the newly-made models utilised in Borderlands 3. In addition, the new character models that we saw in the Mask of Mayhem trailer were the four new main characters of this upcoming title.

Another still picture from this summer's Borderlands 3 - set to be released sometime this year
Another still picture from this summer's Borderlands 3 - set to be released sometime this year

Borderlands 3's character models and the new trailer show the game will take place years after the events of the pre-sequel ending, where we saw guardians warning Lilith about the upcoming war. We also saw a glimpse of the new siren and shrouded robot characters, aswell as two other mc's. The new siren class is more built around strength, while the older MC can call a mecha suit himself.

Borderlands 2 introduced us to a bunch of new grenades and weapons - Borderlands 3 follows the tradition with a plethora of new guns and loot, while introducing new support weapons in the arsenal such as the new walking guns. There's plenty to cover and unpick from the new Borderlands 3 trailer, that's for sure.

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