Borderlands News: E3 Trailer announces new free DLC for Borderlands 2, Lilith no longer a Siren

Play the final DLC installment of Borderlands 2 before the newest title is released this Fall
Play the final DLC installment of Borderlands 2 before the newest title is released this Fall

For a while, it's been rumoured that Borderlands 2 would be getting some new DLC to help bridge the gap between the story of it and the newest title in the series, Borderlands 3. At the E3 2019 Xbox Conference yesterday, a new trailer was shown - further delving into the story of the upcoming title while confirming the DLC for Borderlands 2.

The trailer started off with Lilith explaining the rules of the Sirens. As stated in previous titles, there are only six in the universe at a time. However, the original Siren dropped a bombshell, revealing that she no longer was one. In an older trailer, it was shown that Lilith's powers had been stolen by the leaders of the Children of the Vault, Troy and Tyreen.

Tyreen is a Siren as well and it was hinted at that she had stolen Lilith's abilities, as she no longer had her unique Siren tattoos. In the latest trailer, it's confirmed that she has lost her abilities, possibly permanently.


Following this reveal, we got more of a look at what the four starting classes would play like. We started off with Moze, who in previous trailers was shown to have the ability to operate a mech. She's known as a "Gunner."

From there, we moved on to FL4K, a robotic character who is able to summon various creatures from Pandora to do his bidding. His title is the "Beastmaster." Next up was the new assassin class, Zane Flynt, dubbed the "Operative." Flynt is a bit unique because in previous titles, players fought bosses with the same surname. In Borderlands 1, one of the final in-game encounters was Baron Flynt, a Bandit Lord in the Salt Flats.

In Borderlands 2, we're met by Captain Flynt - the major boss in the opening area of the Southern Shelf. He is also the brother of Baron and father of Sparky Flynt, the leader of a group of assassins attempting to kill off the Vault Hunters in the Sir Hammerlock vs The Son of Crawmerax DLC. Whether or not Zane is a part of this family of mass murderers is unknown at this point.

Finally, we saw the newest Siren in the series, Amara. Unlike others we've previously seen, she is more apt to fist fighting.


Following that trailer, we were told that Borderlands 2 would in fact be receiving one last piece of DLC, free of charge, that would help explain the events that took place between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3. This will hopefully answer any questions regarding the whereabouts of certain characters, and why Sanctuary was abandoned.

An unknown villain and his group of cronies invaded Sanctuary, and transformed many of its inhabitants into plant based monstrosities. The DLC, Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary, is available now.

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