Brawl Stars: How to max your account faster

Max account
Max account
Lee Wei
Modified 26 Feb 2020

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play game, but how fast players can max their accounts depends on how they progress and play the game. Fast players might be able to max their accounts for around two years for the current content. This guide will try to help all the readers achieve that.

First of all, players should connect a Supercell ID immediately after starting to get Barley for free. Players should preferably play at least once every day to clear the tokens so that it can recharge. It takes one day to charge up 200 tokens.

Also, remember to win all events at least once to get Star tokens. The map rotations are also once daily but each event slot refreshes at different times. After playing for a while, players will start to accumulate more brawlers, coins and gems.

Brawlers should be upgraded evenly so that players have the choice to play all of their brawlers, which will help in regards to trophy pushing. Trophy pushing is integral in progression since trophy road rewards are quite lucrative, so it is recommended to push all brawlers. Also, the best power level for a brawler is six or seven, which will give players a fighting chance against maxed brawlers.

Besides that, once players start to find a brawler that they enjoy to play, they can choose a brawler and decide to max it, so that players can get star powers efficiently.

Players should have a list of star powers that they want or need and queue them up at level seven or eight. Once players have obtained the star powers of the current level nine, they can level up the next brawler in line so that there is always a brawler at level nine and star powers have the chance to appear in a brawl box. The fastest way to get a brawler to level nine is to buy its power points in the shop.

Daily deals
Daily deals

Always remember to check the shop and only buy the power points of the brawler that is decided to be maxed. It is best not to waste coins because it will get hard to level up all the brawlers. As for gems, the best option is to save them up to buy either token doublers or tickets. If there is a special offer for Mega box, token doublers or tickets, it is always worth it because the gem cost is lower.

For inexperienced players, it is recommended to get token doublers. Once players can consistently get at least 27 tokens for each ticket spent in events, then players can switch to buying 60 tickets from the shop. The best special event to earn tokens is Robo Rumble. Other than that, playing more will also speed up progression because players can earn experience and level up will reward tokens. But there is an experience cap that players can earn every day.

Equally important is the Championship Challenges. It is free for all players to join without any restrictions, and it provides a star token or star point reward for each win a player attains. Championship Challenges are held monthly, but it will only be playable for one day.

Players that gain 15 wins before 4 losses get to play in a Regional Qualifier for a chance to join the Brawl Stars World Championship. Another out of the box way to get brawlers is to join skin giveaways of either Supercell or Brawl Stars content creators because if a player wins a skin but lacks the brawler, the brawler will also be gifted to the player. Beware of scams and only look for people with Supercell content creator codes.

For advanced players, pushing new ranks and high trophies are extremely important because every new rank rewards players with 10 tokens coupled with star points rewarded on Ranks: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35.

More importantly, pushing brawler trophies over 550 will provide players with star points at the end of each season, but there is also a slight trophy drop after each season. Players may tap on the rank icon for more details.

Star point rewards for regular seasons
Star point rewards for regular seasons

Similarly, Power Play is also an alternative for players that lack a few star points or don't want to commit as much time to push trophies, as Power Play takes much less effort because players only need to complete three games daily. As a result, players can use these star points to purchase a Big box and Mega box at the end of each regular season. If players lack star points, the Mega box is worth more because the Big box is slightly more costly.

Star shop
Star shop

Last but not least, for players that want to purchase gems, always try and wait for special packs in the shop, such as Level packs and Seasonal packs. Then use your gems wisely, as mentioned previously. On the other hand, buying brawlers with gems is also viable since it does not lower the luck rate of Brawl boxes. Keep up a healthy spending habit and don't overspend.

Published 26 Feb 2020
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