Brendan Greene: All you need to know about PUBG Mobile's inventor

Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG
Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG

PUBG Mobile has broken all records to become one of the most-played battle royale games in the world. Several players invest hours of their day into the game, so it's only natural that they would want to know who created this ingenious masterpiece.

Many know that his name is Brendan Greene, but Sportskeeda will tell you the story of the PUBG Mobile founder in this article.

Brendan Greene: Early career


Brendan Greene, better known by his online alias “PlayerUnknown”, is the creator of the famous battle royale game PUBG. He was an active member of various communities that modded games. 

Before his career as a game developer, Brendan worked as a professional photographer and graphic designer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His interest in game development began after he created a mod of the famous game Arma: 2. He created DayZ: Battle Royale, which was an off-shoot of the renowned mod DayZ. He was heavily inspired by the Japanese film "Battle Royale" and the series of novels titled "Hunger Games".

Greene was also inspired by an online competition for DayZ called Survivor GameZ, which featured a bunch of Twitch and YouTube streamers fighting until only a few were lift alive in the game. He wanted to create a similar game mode that anyone could play.

Consultant at Daybreak Game Company


Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Game Company) were interested in Greene’s services, and brought him aboard as a consultant to help develop the game "H1Z1". In 2016, H1Z1 was split into two games - H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill.

Around that time, Greene’s consultation period at the Daybreak Game Company got over. 

Creative Director at Bluehole Corporation

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The Bluehole Corporation offered Brendan Greene work on a new battle royale game in the post of Creative Director. He then moved to South Korea for the development of the game, which we now know as PUBG.

The development of the game began in early 2016, and the game was completed and released in December 2017. The PC version of the game was an instant success. Due to the numbers it amassed, the game was released on mobile, PS4, and Xbox One a year later.

PUBG has achieved significant success on all platforms. The mobile version soon became one of the most played games on the Google Play Store. 

Edited by Sai Krishna

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