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Brime streaming platform full Q&A: Legit or hoax?

  • Brime has emerged as a supposedly brand-new streaming platform, amidst all the theories surrounding Dr DisRespect's ban on Twitch.
  • They recently held a Q&A session on their Twitter handle, and looked to answer some of the community's questions.
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 01 Jul 2020, 13:14 IST
Brime's official Twitter handle

Brime, seemingly out of nowhere, has emerged as the hottest topic of conversation in the gaming and streaming community. The supposedly brand-new streaming platform is looking to start operations soon, and were even linked with the biggest streamers in the world, like Dr DisRespect, Ninja, and Shroud.

However, a closer look at Brime's Twitter handle reveals that their "Coming Soon" website might not be the most authentic streaming platform. Developing and sustaining a streaming platform in today's age is a mammoth task.

Microsoft recently shut down operations for Mixer, a streaming platform that had contracts with prominent streamers like Shroud and Ninja. For Brime to survive in the streaming platform space, they will require major financial backing, infrastructure and technical expertise.

Most of which people cannot seem to find in Brime. They recently held a Q&A session on their Twitter handle, and answered questions ranging from the identity of their investors to Dr DisRespect, and more. We dig deep to see if we can find some details about the upcoming platform.

Full Twitter thread of Brime's Q&A

Brime's Q&A session was more indicative of a small group of gaming enthusiasts who are looking to get in on a massive trend, rather than a team of professionals backed by investors.

Brime has gained a massive 70,000 followers on Twitter in just the past week. Here's a look at their Q&A session:


Q: Do you believe in being transparent when working with the community on launch, and before launch?

A: Yes, I believe that every company should be transparent, as the community that it builds around itself is the most important.

Q: What exactly is the site? And when will the services be shared?

A: It's a streaming platform for gamers by gamers.

  • 1. I will add that I want you all to help build it.
  • 2. The services are still trying to be outlined as we build.

Q: Will Streamlabs and others work to stream?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Can I be a beta tester?

A: Good question, in the future as we progress, I would LOVE to see people actively beta testing the platform.

Q: Are you backed by anyone that you can share?

A: Not at this time, wait for more info towards launch.

Q: Why are you telling us everything?

A: Because as we said, we are transparent, and look forward to being that way even in the future.

Q: Was this platform already being worked on before the ban on @drdisrespect?

A: Yes it was, his announcement, that was seen in the background of his stream, was made aware to us after we had said we would do a QA. This was timed badly, but we also didn't expect to be noticed.

Q: How do you plan on combating banned YT'ers, Twitch streamers etc joining? Will your service uphold bans from other services that also break your ToS?

A: We will not enforce previous bans from other platforms. If severe, we may do so.

Published 01 Jul 2020, 13:14 IST
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