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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War cheats turning into a massive problem for the community

(Image via Treyarch)
(Image via Treyarch)
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 11:29 IST

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is already facing issues with cheating in the same way as Modern Warfare.

Today, a Twitter account called the Anti-Cheat Police Department displayed a short clip of a cheat being used in Black Ops Cold War. The clip was from TikTok and is the best play of the game at the end of a match.

Basically, the player at the end of the clip is seen using an aimbot. Every shot was perfect, and there were yellow boxes around the players. Because the clip was of the best play of the game, plenty of yelling about cheating can be heard from players who are supposedly in the lobby.

Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War Cheats

In the tweet from the Anti-Cheat Police Department, there was also an interesting statement. The clip is clearly meant to garner some attention around cheating in another Call of Duty game and inform the player base around Black Ops Cold War cheats. In the tweet, they said:

"There are already multiple Cold War cheats, infact kids are now normalizing cheats on tiktok its pretty weird and its not a future I wanna live in pretty sad, Activision needs to start having an intrusive anti-cheat to start combating these cheaters."

The tweet does bring to light one of the worst things inflicting Call of Duty and soon to be Black Ops Cold War. There is still no shortage of cheaters in Warzone, and one quick trip online will bring up countless videos of cheaters being caught. Streamers like Tim 'TimTheTatman' Betar has videos with plenty of different cheaters that get into his games.

One of the most shocking parts about those videos is when they are cheaters that TimTheTatman is now accustomed to. When a blatant cheater is caught and banned, they simply make a new account with the same name and stream snipe TimTheTatman.


While players could make a Warzone account, get banned, and continue to make new free ones, the case is a bit different with Black Ops Cold War. Everyone needs to pay at least $60 to play the game. That makes each ban a $60 fine essentially, which will stop the amount of cheaters.

However, that doesn't stop it entirely, and considering the game is cross-platform between five different platforms, Black Ops Cold War cheats are a problem for everyone to worry about.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 11:29 IST
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