Call of Duty Warzone to get emergency fix after DLSS update breaks accuracy

Warzone's DLSS update brought with it an uninvited bug that broke aiming (image via Activision, Nvidia)
Warzone's DLSS update brought with it an uninvited bug that broke aiming (image via Activision, Nvidia)

Note: This issue has been fixed in a recent patch by the developers:

Following the launch of Warzone Season 3 in late April 2021, players on the PC platform were treated to a plethora of enhancements on the PC platform that included Nvidia's DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and graphics filters that enhanced visibility in the game.

One unintended side-effect of the DLSS update, however, was the introduction of inaccuracy to aim that caused player crosshairs to be slightly off-center and inaccurate. Raven Software has now stated that the bug will be addressed soon in a future update.

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Warzone's DLSS aim fix coming soon according to developer Raven Software

The Warzone specific bug was pointed out by YouTuber JGOD a couple of weeks ago, where he discussed the root of the problem and which DLSS profiles aggravate the issue.

Stating that the "balanced" and "quality" settings of DLSS are the primary culprits, he went on to say that:

"There’s definitely a misalignment depending on what you use and it’ll go in different directions depending on where you’re at.”

This bug affects laser optics the worst, with the inaccuracy getting more noticeable the further away a target is.

Here's the full video by JGOD to understand the root of the issue:


Nvidia's DLSS is an AI-assisted upscaling tool by Nvidia that is intended to boost framerates while keeping the visual fidelity of games intact. While DLSS usually works wonders and can help players push anywhere between 20-40 extra frames at no cost to visual fidelity, Warzone's bug has made the feature unusable for many until a potential fix is found.

With Season 4 around the corner, Raven Software is working hard to iron out any potential issues before development focuses shift to completely new content for Warzone.

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