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Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War Release Date, Multiplayer Game Modes

Hrithik Raj
14 Mar 2019, 23:21 IST

Call Of Duty: Legends of War
Call Of Duty: Legends of War

Call of duty franchise which has long ruled the first person shooter genre is finally trying to provide similar experience to players in the mobile platform. It's not that prior to Call of Duty: Legends of War there were no cod games on the mobile platform. There are a good no. of call of duty games available at Android and iOS stores. But none of them provides the experience that we get in the PC version or Console version of the game. Activision has joined hands with Tencent Games to bring Call of Duty: Legends of War to the mobile platform. A game with intense gameplay, 3 modes like you get in any call of duty game, high detailed graphics which and much more.

Call of Duty Mobile offers a wide variety of Modes within the Multiplayer Mode of the game. From death matches to holding your teams front, everything can be found in Call of Duty Legends of War multiplayer. At current there are 4 distinct modes available in the game's multiplayer, they are-

  • Frontline-In this mode you have to kill players on the opposing team as always, though the catch in this mode is that you will spawn only at your base. Meanwhile the first team to reach the desired score limit get a win.
  • Team Deathmatch- Like the traditional deathmatches of call of duty franchise, here you kill your opponents from opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins the game. A total of 6 to 10 players can play in this mode.
  • Search and Destroy- In this mode you have to defend and destroy the objective. This mode can be considered a hard one as there are no respawning allowed.
  • Free For All- Now this is what many of you would like to play, as this mode includes a solo deathmatch where every other player is your enemy.

Call of Duty Legends of War alpha testings are long over in December 2018. Activision or Tencent, none of them had shed any details on the release of the game. So, far we can say that the game is under development and may get an official release this year.

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