Call of Duty Mobile Maps: Confirmed List of Maps Includes Nuketown, Crash & More!

Image Courtesy: Activision
Image Courtesy: Activision

Call of Duty Mobile is finally out for players who have pre-registered for closed beta testing. Boasting a wide roster of characters, game modes, and a number of other stuff, the game does seem to possess all it takes to be the next big thing in the mobile gaming scene. Earlier today, Activision had revealed some details about Call of Duty Mobile in a blog post. The article revealed the upcoming game modes, maps, characters, and loadouts making their way into the game. Here are all the maps coming to Call of Duty mobile.


“Small desert town. Intense interior fighting and strong firefights.”


Crossfire, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare Remastered's map are one of the many maps coming to Call of Duty Mobile. The map has a number of cramped and confined structures which in turn are being flanked by two taller buildings at each end of this Z-shaped passage. Close ranged combat is usually common in this map, along with a few long-range encounters. Owing to the frequency of closed ranged combat, the shotgun is a very fan-favorite choice here.


 “Border town between China and Kyrgyzstan. Classic engagements and destinations to fight over.”


The map made its debut in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and was seen in Call of Duty Online as well. Based on a small border town between China and Kyrgyzstan it is similar to another Call of Duty map, the Dawnville. The unique feature of this map is the flexibility and the variety of gameplay scenarios it brings to the table. From tight hiding spots to multiple structures for long-ranged combat and sniping, Standoff brings a complete package for the players. However, the large number of buildings ensure that snipers play thaey role in this map.


 “Downed Sea Knight in a desert town. Fantastic team games.” 


A nostalgic map for Call of Duty Modern Warfare players, Crash is another fan fafavoriteap of the Modern Warfare franchise.The map features blind corners, a crashed chopper, rusty barrels, narrow streets and shelled out buildings. Like many other maps, this map also has areas suited for snipers. The buildings have a number of rooftop sniping positions making it an ideal map for players looking for long-range combat, but at the same time expect quick and deadly Multiplayer matches.


 “Speedball style warehouse interior. Great for small teams.” 

Killhouse Firing Range
Killhouse Firing Range " Nuclear testing grounds. Lots of fafast-pacedction. "

Killhouse is one of the smallest maps and this comes from Call of Duty Modern Warfare once again. This map is specifically designed for all the close-combat lovers out there. Killhouse is a symmetrical map with a central lookout tower, and much of the gameplay involved action-packed shotgun and assault rifle encounters.Equipped with ample wooden and concrete hiding spots, Killhouse brings some intense gameplay to the players.

#Firing Range

 “Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games.” 

As the name implies, Firing Range brings the thrill of a military training camp to the game. From corrugated and wooden sheds to long and ruined ststructures, Firing Range has all it takes to give you the complete military feels. Consisting of a muddy courtyard studded with rusting equipments, Firing Range ensures players get the same classic and intense gameplay which gave the Call of Duty franchise a name.


Image Courtesy: Call of Duty fandom
Image Courtesy: Call of Duty fandom

Another fan favorite map, this time from the Black Ops franchise. Like some of the other maps, this map also has a predominant emphasis on close range combat. That is because of the fact that this is one of the smallest maps in the Call of Duty franchise. The map was remade in subsequent titles of the Black Ops franchise. Nuketown portrays a nuclear bomb affected residential area with a number of mannequins and buildings. The map was known for its nuke explosion at the very end when the scoreboard is shown.


"Luxurious super yacht. Frantic, yet controlled close quarters engagements."


If you ever wanted to be in an encounter amidst the sea, Hijacked will fufulfill your wishes. Portraying a hijacked superyacht with cramped spaces, Hijacked is again one of the smallest maps of the franchise. Pool sides, containers and everything you expect in a yacht is present in Hijacked. Apart from bringing some close-in action-packed gameplay, Hijacked offers some stellar views to the players as well.

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