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Call Of Duty sales have crossed 175 million worldwide

Call of Duty sales cross the 175 million mark worldwide

News 28 Mar 2015, 22:22 IST
A screenshot of Advanced Warfare, the latest game in the Call Of Duty franchise 

Call of Duty’s status as one of the greatest video game franchises of the 21st century took a massive leap forward after it emerged that the series recently crossed a staggering 175 million in sales globally.

The news was broken by the series’ developer Activision, who are usher in this years highly anticipated Call of Duty championship, and also stated that a game from the franchise is sold every two seconds.

Activision had some more surprises in store, and went on to share some amazing stats about the franchise - the most jaw dropping one being the amount of grenades players have thrown since 2010 which stands at.............wait for it................3 BILLION! That’s more than Bill Gates’ and Carlos Slim’s fortunes combined.

Call of Duty’s multiplayer feature has also created a ridiculous record, and boasts of 100 billion matches played since 2010 at an average of 10 minutes per match. 

The developer also claimed that players have claimed more than 579 billion in-game awards, which is more than the population of India and China and USA put together.

More records are extremely likely to be created during the Call of Duty Championships which commenced on the 27th and concudes on the 29th.

Here’s to more awesome games from the beloved franchise.

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