How to get League Medals in Clash of Clans

League Medals (Image via YouTube/ RS Clash)
League Medals (Image via YouTube/ RS Clash)

In Clash of Clans, Clan War Leagues offer amazing rewards. These rewards can greatly boost the progress of a player. Clan War Leagues offer lots of loot and League Medals. These League Medals can be used in the shop to buy gold, elixir, Magic Items and decorations.

Magic Items can again increase the pace of one's progress. In this article, players are going to learn all about league medals, how to get them and how beneficial they are to one's progress in Clash of Clans.

League Medals in Clash of Clans

League Medals (Image via Clash of Clans)
League Medals (Image via Clash of Clans)

League Medals are rewards that a Clan gets after the end of a Clan War League. Each player receives League Medals depending on the clan's performance in the league and the amount of stars earned by the individual. This holds true even if one leaves or gets kicked from the clan.

Players earn a percentage of the full medal rewards for scoring a certain number of stars. At the end of a Clan War League, the Clan leader or co-leaders can choose to award bonuses of League Medals to players on the roster. They have a base number of bonuses to award, but will gain one more to grant for each victory.

The number of bonuses, as well as their size, depends on the League in which the Clan participated. Leaders and co-leaders have 21 days to reward players with League Medals as war bonuses. All bonuses must be rewarded at the same time.

Once the rewards are distributed, the players will be notified in the Clan chat. The message comes from the leader or the co-leader.

Distribution of League Medals

The medals have been attributed on a league basis:

  • Bronze III- 35
  • Bronze II- 35
  • Bronze I- 35
  • Silver III- 35
  • Silver II- 40
  • Silver I- 45
  • Gold III- 50
  • Gold II- 55
  • Gold I- 60
  • Crystal III- 65
  • Crystal II- 70
  • Crystal I- 75
  • Master III- 80
  • Master II- 85
  • Master I- 90
  • Champion III- 95
  • Champion II- 100
  • Champion I- 105

Once the distribution is done, players can cash in their medals in the shop and buy Gold, Elixir, Training Potion, Resource Potion, Research Potion, Builder Potion, Wall Ring, Hammer of Fighting, Hammer of Building, Hammer of Spells, Hammer of Heroes and other base decorations.