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Clash Royale July update brings Pass Royale, New Arena, New Legendary Card and more

360   //    04 Jul 2019, 00:24 IST

Clash Royale July Update
Clash Royale July Update

Good news Clashers! Clash Royale July update is here with a massive change in content. For the first time in the history of the game, season pass has been introduced. The patch note read:

A mighty tide has swept through the Royale world, bringing with it a new Arena, new card, and new features - the biggest of which is Pass Royale!

So let us take a look at the update in detail.

#1 Introduction of the season pass - Pass Royale

Pass Royale
Pass Royale

In this July update, Clash Royale introduced the monthly pass system and named it as Pass Royale. The theme for season 1 is Flood, where the developers tried to paint the whole arena based on water. Pass Royale comes with season exclusive unique tower skin, season exclusive emote and many more rewards. The main perks of Season 1 pass are,

  • Golden name cosmetic.
  • Ability to add another chest in the unlock queue.
  • Unlimited re-entries for special challenges and events.
  • Lightning strikes for the pass royale chests.

The price of the Pass Royale is INR 399 and it is value for money!

#2 New Legendary Card - Fisherman

New legendary card - Fisherman
New legendary card - Fisherman

Another legendary card is now added. The legendary Fisherman comes with a hook with a couple of cool abilities. The description of this new card says,

Bringing a new grappling mechanic to Clash Royale, Fisherman pulls enemies towards him (damaging them in the process) and then slaps them with his trusted fish, causing melee damage and adding a slow effect. He can also pull himself to the nearest enemy building or Tower!

#3 Flood theme new arena - Fisherman's Float

New Arena in Clash Royale
New Arena in Clash Royale

The old Legendary Arena is now swapped with a new arena called Fisherman's Float. According to the developers, each season there will be a new legendary arena based on the season theme.

#4 Changes in Crown Chest

The previous system of the Crown Chest is now removed. It is swapped with the Pass royale free Crown Chests. However, the Crown Chest duration of 24 hours remained the same. The new system is based on the pass royale and the official statement says,

Crown Chests are now earned in the FREE tiers of Pass Royale. Each tier contains a Crown Chest. Every 24 hours, 1 tier will unlock. Except on weekends, when 2 tiers unlock every 24 hours! (1 tier = 1 Crown Chest)

#5 Melee Rulebook update

Since the release of the game, the developers have never clearly stated anything about the different range of the melee troops. Now, they divided the melee range into Long/Medium/Short (For reference, the tile in the arena is the unit of calculation). This will clear the confusion of which troop gets the advantage of hitting first in close combat.

Overall, this update can be considered as one of the most important updates of Clash Royale as apart from the change, there have lots of small improvements and fixes.

What do you think about this new update? Do let us know in the comments below! And as always, tune in to Sportskeeda for all the latest news and updates from the world of Esports!