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Clash Royale Update: All you need to know about the Pass Royale


Clash Royale Season 1
Clash Royale Season 1

Clash Royale July update is here. This update can be considered as one of the best updates of Clash Royale history. For the first time ever, Clash Royale introduced the pass system in the game called Pass Royale.

What is so special about Pass Royale?

Flood has arrived!
Flood has arrived!

Like most other games with the pass system, Pass Royale offers some unique perks and rewards for the gamers. The official statement says,

Pass Royale unlocks unique rewards & perks. Earn Crowns to unlock Pass Royale reward tiers and Crown Chests!

The theme for the first-ever Pass of Clash Royale is Flood. The legendary Arena has been changed for particularly this season to a pirate-themed arena. While the cost of the season pass for other games is on the higher side, the Clash Royale season pass costs only INR 399. Maybe this less expensive season pass will attract many clashers to buy it.

How does the Pass Royale work?

To progress in pass royale, all you have to do is play and earn crowns. Earning crowns will make your progress through the tiers. For season 1, there are 35 tiers:

Progress through tiers to unlock rewards. It takes 10 Crowns to unlock a tier. A tier contains 1 Pass Royale reward & 1 Crown Chest

For the pass royale owners, there are no timers to unlock certain tiers. That means you can unlock the full 35 tiers in one go! But that is a big task to achieve. To earn the whole 35 tiers, you have to earn a total of 350 crowns (35x10=350). However, for non pass holders, there is a timer for reaching each tier. But the good things is, time becomes less as tier goes up.

What are the Perks?

With Pass Royale you'll get,

  • Golden Name
  • Unlimited re-entries in the challenges and events
  • Ability to queue up another chest to unlock
  • Lightning strike for all the Pass Royale chests
  • Exclusive season 1 fish emote
  • Exclusive season 1 tower skin

Final Verdict

If you are regular and love Clash Royale then I think, you should go for it. With these offering, the pass royale is a value for money.

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