COD Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile: Which game has better graphics?

Image via ExxotikGaming (YouTube) Image via Epic Games Store
Image via ExxotikGaming (YouTube) Image via Epic Games Store
Debolina Banerjee

COD Mobile and Fortnite Mobile are two of the best shooter games that are available to mobile gamers today.

Fortnite Mobile offers two main modes, namely the Battle Royale Mode and the Creative Mode. In the Battle Royale mode, 100 players land on a battleground and take the strategic or aggressive approach to be the last person standing. The Creative Mode is essentially a sandbox mode, where players get the opportunity to build various structures, try out combinations, and more.

Image via Gamepur
Image via Gamepur

COD Mobile has two broad modes, the Multiplayer Mode and the Battle Royale Mode. The matches of the Battle Royale Mode follow the basic rules of battle royale matches in general. Players can also take part in multiplayer modes like Frontline, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, etc.

What makes these two games even more engaging to play is the polished graphics they both offer. While the art style of Fortnite Mobile is fun and cheerful, COD Mobile brings a more serious, gritty tone to the game. This article examines which of these two popular mobile games have better graphics.

An important aspect to remember is that, graphics of a particular game depends a lot on the device it is being played. If a game is played on a medium to low-end device, the FPS has to be compromised, so that the game does not lag.

COD Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile: Which game has better graphics?

Image via Epic Games Store

The characters of both games are also different when it comes to design. While COD Mobile makes its characters more realistic; Fortnite Mobile’s signature style is the animated characters.

Another aspect which makes COD Mobile more appealing to players in comparison to Fortnite is its download size. Fortnite requires a high-end device to run smoothly and so does COD Mobile, but the storage space taken up by Fortnite Mobile is much more.

So, the textures in Fortnite Mobile might be finer due to its size and device requirements. However, players often choose COD Mobile, as it offers a wide variety of game modes. The quality of graphics is also more than sufficient on COD Mobile, relative to the storage space it takes up.

The ambience of COD Mobile is much more realistic, which adds to the gameplay experience. Fortnite Mobile, on the other hand, makes the game more colourful by offering a variety of skins that the players can use to customize the characters.


Both the games have good graphics, and it ultimately depends on the player to decide which one is more appealing. When it comes to realistic characters and a feisty ambience, COD Mobile is undoubtedly better, but when it comes to fun and colourful surroundings and characters, Fortnite Mobile wins.

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