COD Warzone: Everything players need to know about Verdansk Resurgence Trios

COD Warzone Season 3 is live, and it has brought a new mode with it (Image via Activision)
COD Warzone Season 3 is live, and it has brought a new mode with it (Image via Activision)

Verdansk has been nuked, and players have been transported to 1984 in COD Warzone as part of Season 3. With the destruction of modern-day Verdansk, players have been dropped into a narrative that takes place in the past, with Adler from Black Ops Cold War being a key figure in the mix.

With 1984 Verdansk being the new playground for users, Raven Software has added a new playlist called Verdansk Resurgence, which includes the new game mode Verdansk Resurgence Trios. Here's everything players need to know before dropping in.

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COD Warzone Season 3: Verdansk Resurgence Trios explained


The new Limited Time Mode Resurgence Trios has a unique proposition compared to other LTM's from Warzone's past.

In Verdansk Resurgence Trios, players who die do not spawn at the Gulag. Instead, players can respawn 30 seconds after they perish if at least one of their teammates is still alive and kicking. Completing contracts and killing opponents further reduces the respawn timer.

The previous resurgence mode significantly upped the pace of Warzone as loadout drops were capped at $7500 and made for quicker-paced engagements and incentivized players to take a more aggressive stance in-game. Warzone players will also be rewarded with faster weapon level-ups for participating in the new LTM.

The complete Resurgence playlist by Raven Software is as follows:


  • Plunder - Quads
  • Rebirth Island - Mini Royale Duos, Resurgence Trios


  • Plunder - Blood Money Trios
  • Rebirth Island - Mini Royale Quads

With the destruction of Verdansk, players anticipated that the Ural Mountains would be the next destination for Warzone. But they were pleasantly surprised to learn that Verdansk would be returning with revamped POIs as a 1984 version of itself.

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