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CODM Guide: Best attachments to use with weapons in Call of Duty Mobile 

Tarun Sayal
Published Nov 05, 2019
Nov 05, 2019 IST

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

Whenever mobile players play any new shooting game, they get confused about choosing the right weapon. A bunch of weapons are available in the game, which creates a problem for the players at the start.

Along with decent weapons, using perfect attachments in the guns is also necessary. Call of Duty Mobile also poses the same conundrum when it comes to firearms and its accessories.

Sportskeeda already has a guide on the Top 5 Best Weapons to use in Call of Duty Mobile.

This article will guide our readers about the best attachments, and after reading this guide, all confusions will be abolished from the player's mind. So without further ado, let’s move on to the guide.

Call of Duty Mobile weapon attachments guide

Assault rifles

Weapons like M4, M16, AK 47, etc fall in the assault rifle category and are the most used weapons in the game.

  1. Scope: While using these weapons, one should always use a red dot or holo sight for close-range fights, and 1.5x is still preferable for mid-range fights.
  2. Grip: It is always necessary to use a grip to reduce the weapon's recoil. For this, the fore grip is the topmost priority in grip attachment.
  3. Muzzle: For the muzzle part of the weapon, if players are trying to remain sneaky, then silencer would be the best choice. Using a long barrel on muzzle can upgrade the fire rate of the gun.

Sniper rifles

This category has always been the king to win a distant fight. A single bullet of a sniper rifle can damage enough to hit kill the enemy completely.

  1. Scope: As mentioned earlier, the sniper is always good for distant battles, so a more significant scope is always preferable. For this, players can use scopes above 3X to have a better aim.
  2. Muzzle: Players should never reveal their position while operating a sniper. Therefore, one should always use a silencer to avoid the sound of its bullet.

Sub-machine gun (SMG)

SMGs are always used for the early fights of the match. They do not have too much damage rate, but due to its low recoil and high firing rate, SMG’s are mostly used for close-range fight.

  1. Scope: These weapons have very low recoil and decent Aim accuracy. So it is always advisable to not use any scope on these weapons and play with crosshairs.
  2. Muzzle: Compensators are the best choice in the muzzle section of SMGs. It will slightly improve recoil control and give some extra advantage.

Here are the list of attachments with their stats:

Weapon attachments.
Weapon attachments.

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Modified Dec 21, 2019
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