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CODM Guide: Best graphics settings for Call of Duty Mobile to avoid lag and stuttering

  • Video Settings to improve FPS in Call of Duty Mobile .
Tarun Sayal
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:54 IST

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

Decent FPS is always necessary when you play any video game. Call of Duty Mobile, which has been in the market for a while, has created a splash. But sometimes when gamers play this game, they face many difficulties like lag and game getting stuck. This happens when the game needs more resources from the graphics processing unit, and the GPU is not capable of it.

This article will guide you with the Best and Optimized Graphics or Video settings for Call of Duty Mobile, which will fix the in-game lag and stuttering issues.

Best graphics settings for Call of Duty Mobile

  • Graphic Quality: Low

This option is made for the overall graphics control of the game. If your device does not have a modern GPU, then it is recommended to keep it low.

  •  Frame Rate: Very High (Switch to High if the FPS fluctuates)

FPS dictates how smooth your game will run. The more FPS will give a better gaming experience. However, most of the devices are only capable of running games at Max 60FPS

  •  Depth of Field: Enable

The depth of field decides how far the game's components will render. It is highly recommended to enable this option.

  • Anti Aliasing: Disable

Anti Aliasing makes the edges smoother and sharper. It doesn't need to be enabled. If this option is off, then edging will become pix-elated.

  •  Bloom: Disable

This option controls light effects like sunlight, flare, etc.

  • Ragdoll: Disable
  • BR Mode Graphic Style: Realistic or Black Ops
  • Adjust screen: Auto Adjust

Note: Settings mentioned above are only applicable for low-end devices. By applying this configuration, the game can run at max FPS. If your device is getting hot while playing the game, then it is recommended to keep Frame Rate at medium level.

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Published 01 Nov 2019, 18:47 IST
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