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CODM Guide: Ultimate guide on how to play and win Zombie Mode in Call of Duty Mobile 

Tarun Sayal
Modified 02 Dec 2019, 22:43 IST

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile, which is a free to play mobile shooting game, has recently obtained its most awaited update. On the 1st of December, Timi Studios, the developers of Call of Duty Mobile, pushed the Zombie Mode in-game, and just after two days of its release, Season 2 also made an entry in the battle pass.

Ever since the game launched, the Zombie Mode was marked as coming soon in the game menu. But as soon as the CODM v2.0 patch update got delivered in the game, the whole CODM community went crazy to engage in this new mode. Along with this, developers have also confirmed that the Zombies will remain a temporary addition in the game. However, they didn't mention that when this mode will get dethroned from the servers.

Comparing this mode with PUBG Mobile's infection or Survive Till Dawn, the rules and features are quite different in Call of Duty Mobile. Perchance, the beginners can experience difficulties to exhibit better gameplay. With the help of this article, players can quickly learn to play Zombie Mode. Also, this article will guide you with Tips and Tricks to win the mode

Rules of Zombie Mode

  • Maximum of 4 players can participate in a single match.
  • Hitpoints of players will start increasing after every 5 seconds if Zombie doesn't attack players.
  • Players will get infinite respawns except in the Boss round.
  • Respawn will take 20 seconds if the Revive token is not used
  • Only three revive tokens can be used in a single match.
  • Purchase the weapons and utility using coins
  • Zombies will not attack players when knocked.
  • Survive till the last zombie wave to advance into Boss Round.
  • Kill the final boss to win the match.

How to Play and Win this mode?

Normal Raid & Hardcore Raid
Normal Raid & Hardcore Raid

Zombie Mode is further classified into two modes, well known as Normal Raid and Hardcore Raid. As mentioned earlier, the main objective of this mode is to defend yourself from zombies and kill them to survive. Players need to survive through 8 waves of Zombies in Normal Raid and 12 waves in Hardcore Raid.

Players will be spawned on a remote location with a pistol, knife, and 1000 coins balance. In order to survive, Players need potent weapons to fight effectively with Zombies, which can be purchased through coins balance. Players will see a sketch of firearms made by chalk on walls. Walk near to it and press the buy option. To earn more coins, kill the zombies, and the number of coins will start increasing.

After the 5th wave, the number of zombies will increase. Along with this, the potential of zombies to survive and the damage inclined by them will also shoot up as well. So be prepared after every single wave. Players will be given a total of 10 seconds after each round to rebuy the ammo and heal themselves.


After these eight waves, the players will be teleported to the final round, which is called the Boss round. In this, they only need to kill a single Zombie, which is very powerful and almost undefeatable from the previous ones. As soon as the final round arrives, infinite ammo will become available for every weapon, and players can also carry additional weapons lying on the ground. After killing the Boss, the game is over, and you will be the winner of the match. But remember, players will get only two lives in the final round.

Tips and Trick to Win the Zombie Mode

  • Always stick with your teammate to get instant revive from them.
  • Rebuild the broken windows by standing near them. This will slow down the movement of Zombies.
  • Remove the obstacles from your path by spending coins to explore a new location.
  • Always check the mystery box for rare weapons.
  • Use your pistol to kill Zombies while Teammates are reviving you.
  • Use a weapon with a higher fire rate.
  • Don't forget to buy utility like a grenade to give mass damage to the group of zombies.
  • Always use the scope of the gun to fight with Zombies. This will allow you to aim at head much easier.
  • Use your instant revive tokens only when it's needed.
  • Always use the weapon with higher magazine capacity.
  • Use RPG to fight with boss in the final round.

If you still have any doubts regarding this mode, feel free to post it in the comments section.

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Published 02 Dec 2019, 22:43 IST
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