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Collegiate eSports' Rocket League off to exciting start

Rocket League is a PC/Console-based video game available on Steam.

News 08 Nov 2017, 16:17 IST

The Collegiate Rocket League tournament is in full swing
The Collegiate Rocket League tournament is in full swing

The Collegiate Rocket League tournament is in full swing. College eSports clubs around the US and Canada are vying for $50,000 in college scholarships with the team finishing first receiving $5,000 USD in scholarships.

Rocket League is a PC/Console-based video game available on Steam. It consists of two teams of three players each, controlling cars with boosts, while playing soccer. Each game has a one period time limit of five minutes to score as many goals as possible. An overtime period is played in case of a draw after the time limit.

Currently, the teams are participating in the Conference Playoff Stage to determine who would move onto the National Championship bracket. The rules do allow multiple teams from one college to enter the tournament. This way, more players can participate using one of their school's colours or numbers or letters, like 1 or A. The final participants will be awarded the scholarship money, provided by Tespa.

The league consists of four Conferences, Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western. After the regular season, the teams would qualify through their overall record against conference foes or via Wildcard.

The playoff system is a double gauntlet style tournament where two sets of gauntlet tournaments take place to name the two participants from each conference for the final National Tournament. The conference finals will be played for a higher seed in the National Tournament. Each regular season match is a Best-of-5 format while the playoffs are Best-of-7.

The Northern Conference will start with Wisconsin-Stevens Point taking on Ohio State University and Colorado facing Grand Valley State. The upper bracket participants, in order, are Iowa State, Ravens Red (Carleton University) and University of Illinois. The lower bracket consists of Ryerson Rams, Indiana University and Gryphons (University of Guelph-Humber). These games will start Tuesday.

The Southern Conference has already completed most of its bracket. UNC Charlotte defeated Clemson 4-2, Texas 4-3 and Auburn 4-0 to set up a match with LSU Purple for a spot in the National Tournament. Florida defeated Georgia Tech via forfeit and Louisiana Lafayette 4-2 before falling to Texas A&M 4-1, setting up a match between Texas A&M and North Texas for a spot in the National Tournament.

The Eastern Conference hasn't started yet, at the time of writing, but Robert Morris University will face Penn, with RIT, Wentworth Leopards (Wentworth Tech) and Northeastern Red (Northeastern University) waiting for them as well. Meanwhile, Carnegie Mellon faces RIT 2 (RIT's second team, allowed by the rules), with Drexel, Penn State and Maryland waiting for them. They start Tuesday.

The Western Conference is underway, where UC Santa Barbara defeated UC Irvine 4-0 and Utah 4-0 before falling to Wildcats (Arizona) 4-1, with Mustangs (Cal Poly SLO A) waiting for Arizona next. Washington State already defeated Cal Poly SLO B 4-3 and Arizona State 4-2, with Cal Poly Pamona and CS Long Beach awaiting them.

The tournament continues Tuesday at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST on Rocket League's eSports channel.

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