Complete list of all Forspoken cast present in the game

Much of Forspoken
Much of Forspoken's success will rely on Frey Holland's character (Image via Square Enix)

Forspoken, Square Enix's upcoming action RPG, is quite unique from a design and gameplay perspective. After much delay, the game will finally see the light of day in the next fortnight. A lot is known about the title, but the cast will likely have a profound impact.

With the evolution of modern-day games, a title's longevity and soul often depend on the characters. Franchises like God of War have reached great heights thanks to voice actor Christopher Judge, who has become as evergreen as Kratos. Having a reputable and versatile set of cast members is quite vital.

Square Enix and developer Luminous Engine have ensured that Forspoken has varied personalities. There will be a great emphasis on the main characters, and much of the title's success will depend on its narrative.

The developers hope that players will like the selected actors, who have lent their voices to bring the characters of the game alive.

Players will meet a diverse cast of characters across their journey in Forspoken


In most video games that emphasize stories, having a good cast is a must. However, characters will have a different presence, so more attention is often paid to the lead roles.

Luminous Engine has selected Ella Balinska for the lead role of Frey Holland. Here's a look at a list of all the other cast members who will be joining Balinska on the magical journey:

  • Ella Balinski - Frey Holland
  • Janina Gavanskar - Tanta Sila
  • Jonathan Cake - Cuff
  • Alam Orian - Daniel
  • Pollyanna McIntosh- Tanta Prav
  • Kaela Settle - Johedy
  • Monica Barbaro - Auden
  • Michelle C. Bonilla - Lisa
  • Kendal Rae - Tanta Cinta
  • Lianna Liew - Lauren

When players start their Forspoken journey, they will step into the shoes of Frey Holland. The young woman can use physical weapons and make the most of her magical abilities to complete different quests.

Balinska has been associated with some big names in the movie industry. Her previous roles include that of Jade Wesker in Netflix's Resident Evil series. She has also played a part in the 2019 reimagination of Charlie's Angels.


While she has done well in her previous roles, this is the first time that Balinska will play a lead role. While video games are different from movies, the onus will be on her to keep players engaged.

Balinska's fellow cast member, Janina Gavanskar, has been involved with games like Star Wars Battlefront II. In the upcoming Square Enix title, Gavanskar will play the role of an antagonist, and players will meet her on many occasions.


Much of the hype surrounding the upcoming release has died down a bit due to the repeated round of postponements.

Forspoken was originally scheduled for a launch in 2022. However, the launch has been postponed to January 24, 2023. Fans will hope there won't be a repeat of the past.

As for Square Enix, 2022 hasn't been kind to them, and the company will be hoping for a good start to the new year.

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