Control and Max Payne studio Remedy Entertainment working on a big AAA title with Epic Games

Image via RemedyGames
Image via RemedyGames

Remedy Entertainment has been around for a while and has consistently put out quality, groundbreaking narrative-driven titles. Whether it was introducing the gaming world to neo-noir, hyper-stylized action with Max Payne or taking the world by storm with 2020's innovative physics-bending sleeper hit Control.

With funding from Epic Games, it seems like Remedy is ready to deliver a rather massive knockout punch with their next title. As revealed in a quarterly business review, Remedy's next big AAA title is moving into full production soon.

CEO Tero Virtala's exact comments from the report shed light on the AAA title as well as other small-scale projects from the studio:

"Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games is soon moving into full production, and the second, smaller-scale game continues in full production mode. With Vanguard, our free-to-play co-op game project, we have now defined many of the core elements of the game."

Why should fans be excited about Remedy Entertainment's new project?


Not only has Remedy been working on a major AAA title with Epic Games, but they have also divided their efforts into smaller-scale titles as well as working on CrossfireX and Crossfire HD's single-player campaign along with their free-to-play co-op game Vanguard.

Remedy Entertainment has been one of the boldest voices in the industry when it comes to original games with groundbreaking ideas at the core. The studio has been responsible for major successes over the last couple of decades, including cult classics like Alan Wake.

Over the years, Remedy has proved to be a studio that focuses on powerful storytelling backed up with competent and innovative gameplay, as few can argue, Max Payne's impact on the industry in terms of both storytelling and gameplay design.

The studio has doubled down on their dedication to vision with one great game after another, culminating in perhaps their best work since Max Payne, Control. While not the biggest studio around in terms of finances and size, Remedy Entertainment has been nothing short of phenomenal.

With now the backing of industry juggernaut Epic Games, expectations from Remedy will increase ten-fold. But if past successes and the quality of games is anything to go by, Sam Lake and Remedy will be up to the task.