Corinna Kopf flirts with Minecraft star Karl Jacobs, and the internet can't get enough of it

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Corinna Kopf, also known as "Pouty Girl" on Twitter, is a very popular and attractive female streamer, and she seems to have the hots for a Minecraft streamer named Karl Jacobs.

By all accounts, this is the first time the two have even spoken to each other, but love can come at first sight. Karl must also be a big fan of Corinna because he took no time at all to respond to her.

She attempted to get him to come visit her where she lived in LA, which is far from Karl's home in North Carolina. But, with the best serious face he could find, Karl posted that he would walk to her if there were no other options available.

Corinna responded asking about what time he would be there. While Karl may have taken her two tweets to him as a joke, she seems to be flirtatious to the point of being completely serious.

Although, Karl did start it by referencing a game mode in Minecraft called "Bedwars." The Twitter users that have been following this conversation can be sure that he meant a completely different activity.

It is always nice to see love blossom the way it has for these two, but it is even more fun to see everyone else's reaction to a relationship like this.

It would be prudent to point out that Corinna Kopf has competition for Karl's love and affection. These ladies of Twitter will likely not let Corinna have Karl without a fight.

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Corinna Kopf has a list of broken hearts much larger than Karl Jacobs

While it may seem the list of Karl's potential heartbroken fans span a fair number, Corinna Kopf has a far larger number than Karl could hope to have. Her posts are normally flooded with men and women alike trying to compete for her love and attention, but her non-sexual tweets only number in the hundreds. The first tweet she sent to Karl immediately went over a thousand.

There were some hurt by the thought of losing to Karl and others hoping that Corinna would, at the very last second, notice them. The favorites among these posts, however, are those that go far over the line and into territory that seem too outlandish to be real.

Still, all of those among Twitter that follow Karl and aren't in love with him are hoping that he is able to take this situation and spend the rest of his lifetime with the new potential love of his life, Corinna Kopf.

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