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Corpse Husband could feature on a Times Square billboard thanks to his army of fans

Corpse Husband looks all set to receive his very own billboard in New York
Corpse Husband looks all set to receive his very own billboard in New York's hallowed Times Square (Image via OSCORPSE_/ Twitter)
Modified 15 Feb 2021

Internet sensation Corpse Husband could find himself on a Times Square billboard very soon, thanks to his army of enthusiastic fans.

The 23-year-old YouTuber recently garnered a significant amount of attention online after his reply to popular fitness brand Gymshark went viral on Twitter.

The original tweet by Gymshark's social media handle urged fans to post a message or an idea, and whoever gets the most-liked comment will receive a coveted billboard of their own in New York's iconic Times Square:

Accepting both ideas and messages, Gymshark's tweet soon began to trend online, with numerous responses coming in by the minute.

However, the one that caught everyone's attention was a tweet by Corpse Husband, where he urged everyone to stream his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life":

What made his participation all the more engaging was a follow-up tweet, where he hilariously demanded to know the final deadline for the trend:

Gymshark seems to have taken note of Corpse's tweet, as they soon issued a deadline:


Known for commanding a stellar following online, the Corpse Husband fandom came out in full strength as Twitter soon ended up being taken over by billboards of the faceless sensation.

Fans demand a Corpse Husband billboard as #onlybillboard trends online

One of the most popular YouTubers in the world today, Corpse Husband has amassed a massive army of fans over the course of his career.


His fanbase has gradually risen to become one of the most active in the world. These fans are always ready to put his name on the trending page, even if it is for the smallest of things.

From ratioing BTS and K-Pop fans in the past to literally breaking the internet with a blank tweet, the Corpse Husband fandom seems to have already cemented its place in the fandom hall of fame.

This time was no different as scores of fans took to Twitter to ensure that his comment ends up being the most liked:


With the prospect of a Corpse Husband billboard looming large, it looks like the faceless YouTuber is gunning for glory, as his tweet has garnered a whopping 180,000 plus likes and 10,000 plus retweets so far.

With no close competitors in sight, it looks like Corpse Husband could add yet another feather to his cap as he looks all set to receive his very own billboard in New York's hallowed Times Square come Saturday.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 18:03 IST
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