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"Corpse Husband is a predator": The most ridiculous theory surrounding the internet sensation

Corpse Husband continues to attract attention online, even the unwanted kind
Corpse Husband continues to attract attention online, even the unwanted kind
Modified 16 Nov 2020, 22:08 IST

Recently, a YouTuber released a video online which tackles the unwarranted hate surrounding internet sensation Corpse Husband.

The saying "Fame is a double-edged sword" is exemplified in a recent video released by popular YouTuber CreepShow Art, where she throws light upon the dark side of internet fame.

From tracing Corpse Husband's unparalleled journey to stardom so far, to revealing shocking conspiracy theories against him, her video serves as a real eye-opener which exposes the toxicity that exists online.

Her video looks into the duality of fame and its consequent impact upon YouTubers such as Corpse Husband who became very popular very quickly.

Moreover, keeping in in mind his faceless identity, the scope for speculation tends to increase manifold.

This is exactly the point which she stresses upon, as she exposes one particular e-mail for making spiteful and inane assumptions regarding the nature of Corpse Husband's personality.

The unwarranted hate surrounding Corpse Husband


Corpse Husband is undoubtedly one of the biggest YouTubers at the moment and it is safe to say that he is in the midst of a prolonged purple patch.

On the one hand, Corpse Husband commands a stellar, loyal following of millions of fans, who are extremely supportive of anything he does or says.

However, on the other, there always seem to be a handful of people who aim to cast aspersions against the 23-year-old YouTube sensation.

This is discussed in detail in CreepShow Art's video above, where she exposes the highly toxic nature of recent emails she received that levelled unsubstantiated allegations against Corpse Husband:

"There are some people who are okay with trying to dox him, trying to expose his private identity... there is a massive group of people online who have made their defining characteristics that they just don't like this person... they step over his boundaries to find anything to dictate that he's terrible and doesn't deserve success."

She then proceeds to read out the contents from one particular e-mail, which labels Corpse Husband a predator because of one line in a song:

"This is Corpse Husband, this is a man who is using an army of pre-teens to inflate his numbers and telling these girls, these children that follow him that he's going to kill their cats like he is Luka Magnotta. He's talking about sexually assaulting them, that's predatory. "

The very fact that this e-mail bases its subject matter solely on a single line from Corpse Husband's popular track "E-girls are ruining my life," portrays the sender as extremely shallow and misinformed. Furthermore, the ridiculous comparison with convicted felon Luka Magnotta comes across as excessive and unjustified.


This entire theory is representative of a deep-rooted sense of negativity which tends to find its way to some of the biggest content creators today.

Whatever may be the reasons surrounding his faceless identity, Corpse Husband is completely entitled in wanting to keep it a secret. Moreover, by not giving in to societal pressure, it enables him to build up an additional safeguard against such kind of vicious and malignant trolls.

Having said that, irrespective of the baseless toxicity that continues to exist online, he can certainly take solace in the fact that he has an entire army of fans who admire him for exactly who he is.

Published 16 Nov 2020, 22:08 IST
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