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CouRageJD criticizes COD: Warzone's anti-cheat system, brands it biggest failure in BR history

(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
(Image Credit: Sportskeeda)
Brandon Moore
Modified 31 Oct 2020, 03:07 IST

COD: Warzone is extremely popular, there is no doubt about it. That doesn't stop its player base from criticizing the games shortcomings. Those that make a living off of COD: Warzone, want to see it succeed and become the best it can be. Next to Fortnite, it is one of the biggest battle royale games ever. That fact has made players extremely impatient with Infinity Ward's lack of effort towards cheating. CouRageJD however, has had no problem tweeting his frustrations.

CouRageJD takes issue with COD: Warzone's lack of anti-cheat

CouRageJD said what everyone is thinking. COD: Warzone has been littered with hackers since day one. He claims that the lack of anti-cheat in the battle royale, is the genre's biggest failure. That's a pretty large accusation, however, it has some truth to it.

Recently, Nickmercs ran into a COD: Warzone hacker and even played out an entire game with him. This made for some great content, yes, but it had many questioning whether or not he was right for doing so. Granted, Nickmercs was randomly paired up with the hacker. It's not like he invited him to play.

Regardless, hacking is typically frowned upon in competitive games like COD: Warzone. Mods that change single player experiences like in GTA or Skyrim aren't as newsworthy. Those using hacks to dominate battle royale lobbies, however, are considered the scum of the Earth by many gamers.


Infinity Ward's comments on COD: Warzone cheaters

In September, Infinity Ward tweeted out some numbers regarding their handling of cheaters in COD: Warzone. At that point, the developers banned over 200,000 accounts for cheating across both Warzone and Modern Warfare. The problem with that is the number just seems kind of small. The fact that it is across two games is even more concerning.

COD: Warzone recently reached a milestone of over 75 million players. That is just Warzone, not Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward says they are continuing to deploy measures to ensure the security of their games. Seeing this number of 200,000 was shocking to some. Many feel there are way more hackers than that, especially if they just make a different account after being banned.

Published 31 Oct 2020, 03:07 IST
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